Planning Your Postgrad Revision

Being a postgrad is tough. The structure and layout of your undergraduate years are long gone; no longer do you have lecturers and tutorial supervisors pressing you for submissions, but instead, you have to churn out large volumes of high quality text in short periods of time, while at the same being sure to balance your time correctly between research and socializing. The article below should provide some information regarding the best way to plan out revision in your postgrad years, and how to make the most of your time at this crucial stage. The article below will explore ways to keep you working at your best throughout this period, and to allow you a chance to squeeze the most out of your precious time.

Allocate your time effectively While it may seem old-fashioned, writing out a revision timetable for yourself and allocating blocks of time each day to the revision and assignments which are due will help you to settle in and get some real work done. One of the biggest problems postgraduates commonly come across is having too much time in which to complete assignments; leaving everything to the last minute is a common symptom of this problem, and can result in handing in work which does not reflect your best efforts, just because of lack of time. For this reason, it's important to set realistic goals for yourself, and to plan your day with blocks of time suited to each project you must complete.

Reward hard work There's nothing worse than feeling like work is getting on top of you, so make sure to give yourself a break every once in a while! If you've just finished a monstrous assignment, or worked your way through your least favourite topic, be sure to treat yourself. Whether this is a bar of chocolate or a more extravagant option is entirely up to you, but treats to positively reinforce the habit of working, and will allow you to enjoy it more!

Ditch bad habits Do you tend to wake up late in the day and go to bed in the early hours of the morning? Do you study while watching TV? Do you type your notes, and intersperse work with copious Facebook binges? Ditching these seemingly innocent habits can save you unbelievable amounts of time during your study sessions. Focussing entirely on work during your allocated time will make you much more productive, and you'll really feel like you're getting things done! After you've worked solidly for a few hours, you will have no trouble watching a few episodes of your favourite show or catching up with social media while ditching the guilt that comes with glancing between your notes and your distractions.

Studying as a postgraduate can give you a fantastic opportunity to really shine as a student, so be sure to make the most of it by striking a balance between your studies and your social life. The work you do at this point in your life can make or break your future career, but although its importance cannot be overstated, nobody can survive completely buried in the books for too long without having some fun!

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