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Posted July 11, 2014

Postgrad Careers – Look Local, or Move Away?

So, now that your postgraduate studies are nearing completion, or maybe even before that, your thoughts would have started wandering around viable career choices and that 'dream job.' Regardless of all the obstacles and hurdles that may cross your way, you are among the fortunate few, who have the privilege of showcasing a specialised postgraduate degree as part of their resumes, and which will make your career choices easier to an extent.

According to us, “postgraduate studies have become benchmarks of excellence” and have helped students find careers that are not only fulfilling, but which also evoke a sense of comfort and happiness. Very few people in this world have the option of choosing where – vis-à-vis location – they would like to work. And, if you do have this choice, then the decision will have to be based upon certain important factors.

Living Near your Parents Familiarity and convenience are two major reasons why you may opt for a job in a town or city where your parents live. Money is always in short supply when we are just starting out in our careers; living with our parents or staying geographically close to them helps address any financial issue that may possibly arise. As a result, we don’t just save on rentals and food costs, but are also able to conserve time, since someone else is running the household, and taking care of mundane tasks, such as cooking, on our behalf. This is true only if you are staying in your parents’ home! But, do remember that it is never easy living with parents. They invariably consider their children to be kids even when their offsprings have entered the adulthood phase. If you are one among those individuals, who like to have a major say in everything they do, look for a place that’s close to your parents’ house, but not literally adjacent. Consequentially, this would give you the advantage of being in close proximity to your parents and still live an independent lifestyle.

Living Near the University There are many job-hunting tips available on our blog. As much as we would like you to read through them all, we will also like to remind you that the suggestions should not be your sole destination for knowledge. Look elsewhere in all directions and get thoroughly informed. However, our insights and tips will help you make better career choices.

A job within a university certainly scores high on the aspect of convenience. Usually, university areas provide cheaper housing and have a vibrancy that is missing in most other regions. You are familiar with the lanes and by-lanes, your counsellors and friends are around you, and the average age of the residents matches yours. But, jobs in a typical university are few and far between, and there are too many candidates for a handful of positions. After a few years, you will also rue the fact that most people around are students!

Moving Away to Another Part of the Country During the first few years of their careers, a majority of students soon realise that they will have to move away, into unfamiliar territory, and to places where the opportunities are greater and the options are many. When looking for a job, it is wise to not restrict yourself to specific locations. Let your career take you to different places, widen your horizon, and provide you the opportunity to acquire varied experiences. Also, most employers will prefer if their employees are willing to shift their bases and alter plans as per company requirements. Many students opt for jobs abroad as they are usually singe or unmarried at this point in time of their lives; and, with no immediate family around, they can continue to remain flexible and focused. If you are a PhD student, you will have to look for career options that makes best use of your specialised skills. In fact, most PhDs must focus on opportunities that let them put their years of research and hardship into play.

The actual job location is certainly one among the multiple criteria when hunting for a vacancy, but it must not be the only determinant. Living near your parents is the ideal choice for most. However, if the jobs on offer are less, and the salary packages are not proportionate to your expectations, the scenario would eventually lead to job dissatisfaction and long-term unhappiness. Ultimately, friends and familiar spaces should not influence your decisions; the long-term prospects of a job must be given priority.

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