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Posted June 26, 2022

5 great reasons to pursue a masters degree in Mass Communication

Amber accommodationWith the growing demand for media careers in the last few decades, right now is a great time to go for a masters degree in mass communication!

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Mass communication is a field of social science and a sub-field of communications that involves creating, sending, receiving, and analysing information to a large number of different types of consumers through verbal and written forms of media. The mediums through which the messages are sent are print, digital, internet, radio, television and social media.

There is a myriad of reasons to consider mass communication for your masters degree and in this article, we will consider five of these reasons and how a postgraduate degree in this field can lead on to a successful career!

Acquire transferable skills

As a mass communications student, you will have plenty of learning opportunities in terms of both theory and practical knowledge. And during these times, you will acquire transferable skills, such as critical thinking, public speaking, verbal and written communication, problem-solving, time management and research, among others!

One of the best aspects about obtaining these skills is that if you wish to pursue a different career after completing your masters degree in mass communications, they will still hold relevance for any other jobs that you choose to do. Furthermore, having a solid command of these skills will make you a valuable employee to your organisation, meaning that in time you will be eligible for promotions and salary increments.

Get well acquainted in diverse topics

As a mass communications student, you will constantly be reading about interesting and topical news and current affairs, as well as important past events, the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies and corporate life. You will probably read a newspaper every day and need to keep track of the latest global trends. Your curriculum will be vast, comprising a range of subjects from journalism to public relations and advertising to photography. Moreover, you will be doing plenty of fieldwork, internships, projects, interviews and more. All of this will help you expand your overall knowledge and shape your opinions on various aspects of global, cultural, business, political, social and environmental issues.

Vast selection of career opportunities

One of the best things about pursuing a masters degree in mass communications is the wide selection of postgrad careers it can lead you to, such as marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, content writing, social media, government, digital media, consulting and non-profit organisations. As a mass communications graduate, you will have a myriad of options to select a role that best fits your interest, such as working for a public relations agency, in a newsroom or even for a fashion magazine. So if you are studying this course at a university in the UK in, for example London or Loughborough, you can think about your next steps from your student accommodation in London or student accommodation in Loughborough. And if you don’t want to go from your masters degree into a career you could even choose to further your studies and move on to more postgraduate research and academia and continue your studies at doctoral level.

Great exposure

The study of mass communications will provide you with a tremendous amount of exposure that will aid in your personal and professional development. You will constantly be communicating with industry people, building creative concepts and ideas, staging opinions on social and political issues, travelling for field work, being involved in public speaking, working on documentaries, learning photography, taking interviews, and many more interesting activities. Every day you will be learning something new and, in the process, will be challenging yourself to keep getting better.

Broaden professional network

After completing your masters degree, you should be able qualified to take on various roles and in many different types of countries. For example, you could get employed in a media house, broadcasting unit, PR agency, publication house, advertising agency, marketing firm or corporate firm. The nature of your job will allow you to be in constant communication with your colleagues, top management, clients, public figures, influential people, agencies, journalists, and other industry professionals. This will enable you to make further connections and strengthen your professional network.

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Author’s bio: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has acquired dynamic exposure working in a diverse range of industries. Her enriching experience has kindled her desire to seek an abundance of knowledge about the world and educate others with the same!

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