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Posted Oct. 14, 2013

Jobs to Avoid as a Postgrad Student

Not many have the possibility of being able to study for a postgraduate degree, and those that do clearly have a much bigger advantage in the job market. Many postgraduate courses will offer the possibility for students to find a good job during the time students are studying.

Postgraduate students have a clear advantage in the job market due to a likely specialisation in any of their chosen fields, whether it is a foreign language, mathematics or science. However, you're likely to want to find some work experience during your degree, as it will be useful after graduation.

Some students are pressured into finding a job during their time studying which can lead to wrong choices. A lot of scams are disguised as legitimate work, and students don't know better under times of pressure. These false opportunities leave a bitter taste in the mouth of talented and capable people. If you are wondering which of these opportunities and jobs to avoid at all costs keep reading below for some common sense advice.

Pyramid Schemes Many will know about these schemes but not everyone will be able to recognise one. They often involve get-rich-quick schemes for a fee, like for instance having to buy a book in order to discern some technique on making money. There are no Pyramid schemes which are legitimate work opportunities, regardless of promise, and students should keep away from anything which instantly looks too good to be true.

The most known example of a pyramid scheme is the Ponzi scheme, asking you to invest a sum of money in return for riches. These riches are of course never materialised and you find yourself out of pocket without seeing any return.

Internet Work There is a hefty amount of work on the internet, most which is perfectly legitimate and a good way to earn from home. In many cases, though, the pay isn't worth the work, so ask about fees before undertaking any job found on internet boards or online-workplace platforms.

While the majority of these opportunities are not scams (though some are - anything that wants you to crack codes, passwords, etc is worth avoiding!) it is advised to contact the employer beforehand and enquire about what exactly is required of you. Some legitimate job opportunities are ghostwriting via companies, or working through contractors who are proven as legitimate. Avoid jobs like data entry or forum posting as they pay virtually nothing and are a lot of time commitment for little money.

Low Paid Jobs Requiring High Expertise It may seem like a long title but there is no other effective way to describe this. For instance, someone wants you to research and interview an ex World War 2 veteran in order to put the article on a popular regional publication. They offer no money, but the chance for 'exposure'. Generally, if you're a postgrad journalism student you should avoid it.

The above is just an example but hopefully you get the idea. Hopefully you now have a clearer idea on which jobs to steer clear of during or after your post-graduate degree. Happy hunting!

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