How can you find the perfect accommodation for 2021?

Being a postgraduate student in 2021 is probably going to be a little different than usual.

Getting the perfect student accommodation will make your year much happier and your academic studies more successful. Let’s take a look at how you can find the perfect accommodation for 2021.

Be Covid safe

Before you rent a place you're going to need to find out what their Covid-19 procedures are and most governments have issued advice on this. Read through the advice, not just to make sure that you comply, but so you feel safe and secure in your accommodation. If the worst happens and you fall ill or are quarantined or put in lockdown, then you will want to know about food deliveries, support systems and getting medical attention. Private accommodation student accommodation providers such as Fresh put students wellbeing at the centre of what they do. Fresh arranges regular cleaning and has daily events online and in their accommodation facilities to meet up with other students and the accommodation staff. If you are planning to live in university accommodation, you should find that by now all of the universities will have procedures in place.

Find the right location

If you are moving to a new area, then make sure you do some research to find out where the right spot to live is. Speak with the university support teams, for example if you're an international student, contact the international admissions office, for advice. It’s a good idea to check out bus timetables to see frequency and journey duration, and also work what's a walkable distance for you. The purpose-built student accommodation provided by Fresh is always well located within the student city and with easy access to the universities. The accommodation provided by Fresh also has places to store bicycles and dedicated bus stops, making the commute to the campus easy.

Start research early

To find the perfect student accommodation for 2021 it’s important to start your research early. Do you want to live in a vibrant, but noisy, student area or do you prefer quiet living? If you have a strong opinion you will need to start your research early to ensure you find the best place for you. Finding out what accommodation is near to where you will be spending most of your time is a good plan, and if you are not familiar with the area speak to current students. Online tours of halls of residences or shared flats are a handy way to understand what you are renting. Many universities and private accommodation providers like Fresh have online tours, making choosing accommodation from a distance easy.

Choose housemates carefully

You don’t want your home life to be a battleground while you are trying to concentrate on your postgraduate studies, so make sure you choose housemates with a similar outlook to you on how they think their postgraduate life will operate. If you do fall out with your housemates, try and speak to a relevant advisor at your university before the situation gets out of hand. Plus, there is plenty of advice online to help you to get along. Alternatively, if you choose a company like Fresh to rent from, then you and your housemates will have signed a contract with Fresh taking care of many of the details such as organising the bills, thereby removing this common source of conflict.

Keep an eye on your budget

Keeping within a realistic budget will help to aleviate stress. One of the advantages of choosing Fresh for your postgraduate accommodation is that it is an all-in price. You pay your rent, plus your additional bills are all included, making budgeting and planning easy.

Accommodation problems

Here are the top ten complaints that students in the UK have about their accommodation.


Fresh is one of many potential private accommodation options for international postgraduate students. Other private student accommodation options are available and advises you to research all your options thoroughly before making such a commitment. Postgrad Solutions accepts no responsibility for your choice of student accommodation and does not endorse or support Fresh. Fresh Student Living Ltd is registered in England and Wales under company number 07268209. The VAT number is 142920528.

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