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Posted March 21, 2016

Enjoy Easter the (Cheap!) Student Way


You’ve had Freshers’ Week, celebrated Christmas, enjoyed New Year, but now it’s looking a long time until the next big celebration – graduation! Why not take some time out of your busy schedule to celebrate Easter the cheap student way? Whether you’re Christian or not, Easter can be enjoyed on a budget with your university friends – either as a spiritual reminder of good things, or simply time to chill out! Here are our top tips for enjoying it without spending a ton of money.

Keep An Eye On The Union Student unions almost always offer something at big holiday times, whether it’s an outdoor spring concert or simply a week or interesting group events. Take the time to ask around, look at the poster boards and actually read those emails you still get every week. And if for some strange, inexplicable reason nothing is happening? Why not get involved and suggest something yourself – after all, then it’ll be their budget, not yours.

Hunt For Easter Eggs  This is really easy to do cheaply, especially if you do it a day after Easter’s actually happened. Head over to your local supermarket, pick up the now hugely discounted eggs, and get hiding. Take advantage of knowing your housemates (lack of) study habits to find the best hiding places – will they actually end up looking behind that textbook that’s remained closed all year? Who knows!

Childhood Throwback Why not head back to your childhood and think back on what your parents used to do. Painting eggs is a really great thing to do as a group, and barely costs anything. You could even organise competitions between houses or groups, with an – of course – impartial judge. Get into the swing of things by making Easter bonnets for each other and wearing them during the hunt, the more embarrassing the better, of course.

Lend A Helping Hand Get into the spirit of Easter – the non-commercial spirit, that is – by lending a helping hand. Look into starting volunteering, and use Easter as the chance to actually do it. Whether it’s working with the elderly, socialising with kids or simply taking a dog for a walk, spend part of your Easter helping others. It may not seem a conventional way of enjoying yourself, but spreading the joy is always good.

Have A Picnic Have a picnic where everyone brings one thing each. This will keep the costs for individuals down to a minimum, but ensure you get a lovely variety of food to dine on. Of course, you might need to splurge slightly on a blanket given the British weather, but even that's low cost. Just make sure you’ve organised who’ll be bringing what food and drink items – alcohol, savouries, cake, etc After all, a picnic where everyone brings Pimm’s is a little lacking…

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