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Posted Aug. 30, 2022

4 reasons to choose Edinburgh as your PG study destination

Amber accommodation – reasons to study in Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city is lovely, artistic and accommodating, small enough for students to feel relaxed but sizable enough to have everything they could desire.

Postgrad program course searchBursting with culture and providing a brilliant environment for living and studying, Edinburgh is an incredible destination for students.

Here we provide four great reasons why Edinburgh is an amazing place for your postgraduate study destination.

1. Great universities

Edinburgh is home to prominent educational institutions like the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University and Queen Margaret University. These educational institutions all have a reputation for having excellent academic records with exceptional faculty.

These top Scottish universities provide a wide range of programs in a diverse selection of correlating subject matters. Many established national and international companies and brands have good relationships with the Edinburgh-based universities, and their top-performing employees frequently assist students with making contacts and networking within their specialised industry.

These universities also host a large number of students from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The diverse populations boost a culturally accommodating environment in the city.

2. Amazing culture

Study in EdinburghEdinburgh has a long history dating back to the Romans. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of Edinburgh's most prominent attractions. You can visit the Scottish National Galleries and the amazing castles that date back thousands of years in history.

While Edinburgh is ancient and often about heritage during the day, the city comes alive at night. Vast underground bars, classic Scottish pubs, exciting nightclubs and polished whiskey bars can be found throughout the capital. Being a student city, it holds its reputation for exciting culture and events.

If you plan to study here, you can prepare for those amazing nights out from your student accommodation in Edinburgh.

3. Terrific transportation

Amber accommodation – study in EdinburghAs well as being famous for being a friendly city, the Scottish capital also features an excellent public transit system. Buses, trams, and rental bicycles are among the city's main public transit alternatives. The capital city also offers car rental and ride-hailing services.

Students can use their student ID to get student discounts for buses and train tickets. Many renowned colleges offer dedicated bike lanes and even regular buses, which students living in amber student accommodation in Edinburgh can take advantage of.

Edinburgh is a very walkable city, so if you're a student having problems deciding on the best mode of commuting, put on some comfortable shoes and walk to your destination.

Edinburgh also offers many domestic and international flight and train routes to different parts of the UK and Europe. This can be beneficial for international students who want to discover Europe during their university years.

4. Excellent job opportunities

Being a capital city, Edinburgh has plenty of employment opportunities. Students can find many internship opportunities across the city. Employers value qualifications gained at Edinburgh’s universities because they recognise the value of quality education and want individuals with such qualifications.

Edinburgh’s higher education institutions are also collaborating with companies to assist students in making the transition from university to the workplace.

Students in Scotland face substantial daily expenses, but a student job can help you get invaluable experience before graduating. Many prominent brands and businesses have their locations in the city. The city also hosts a number of new and innovative local stores and brands scattered across it, so students have the option to find many part-time employment opportunities to support their finances.

In conclusion…

Being a student in Scotland's capital city can be a great experience. It is consistently recognised as one of Europe's most beautiful locations as well as being a renowned study abroad destination due to its academic opportunities.

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Author’s bio: Archit is an avid writer who is currently pursuing his bachelors in political science from Delhi University. When not writing, he can be found reading, taking the Metro and then questioning this decision, and haunting local bookstores.

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