Does Studying Abroad Affect Your Professional Future?

file000794226011 The choice to take your studies on the road or across the pond can have many effects on you and your future. More and more students are pursuing their degrees or postgraduate certifications in countries other than where they hold citizenship. Being able to study in another country offers many opportunities and can make a difference in your professional life and the impact will be evident in many areas of your personal and professional life.

From a personal perspective… Who you are as a person is largely the result of your combined environment and experiences. If you were to choose say, taking your postgraduate degree in another country, you would be opening yourself up for new growth and development. Those who choose to leave an area where they know people and have a built in support system of friends and acquaintances can come out with new skills. Many of these skills are very impressive to employers.

appearances How you appear to potential employers… The student who has studied abroad was usually largely responsible for their own financial management and not just that they dealt in a foreign currency, which is decidedly more difficult. To a potential employer this translates to the student being intelligent and adaptable, but also responsible. It shows a level of maturity that is sometimes not evident in other applicants. This means that you will appear to be a more solid choice as a potential employee than someone who may not have demonstrated their ability to manage themselves; it is not to say that they cannot, but it can be a difficult attribute to prove in an interview. A study abroad experience provides rock solid evidence that you are mature and responsible and that the employer can rely on you.

The other huge benefit is that a degree obtained through a study abroad program can make you more memorable. In the interview process, it is certain that the employer will hear an insurmountable number of cookie cutter answers and unmemorable stories. You will enter the situation with experiences and circumstances that may be quite different from others responses. Alone, the fact that you studied in a foreign country, makes your answers more interesting and exotic. This means that it is much more likely that you will stand out in the interviewers mind when it comes time to hire.

networking-a piece of the puzzle Networking is often mentioned in relation to securing a job. The old adage, “it’s who you know”, can prove quite true when you are seeking employment. By studying abroad, you will be opening your network to include people who you would not have met otherwise, and you never know whom you will meet. You also never know with whom your new connections may be able to put you in contact. Therefore, if you choose to study abroad, meet all the people you can and stay in touch afterwards. This will help you to cultivate a varied grouping of sources that can be used when you are seeking a job opportunity.

Yes, studying abroad is a very exciting option that can open many doors for you. However, in addition to your excitement be sure to conduct proper research. You will need to be sure that the degree or designation you are seeking will be admissible when you return home. After all, you could be the most interesting person in the world, but if you do not meet the educational standards of an employer, all you will be is another applicant with great stories.



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