Top Universities in Ireland

Ireland has several excellent universities that have offered undergraduate and postgraduate students an academic education for hundreds of years.

It also has benefits from a great selection of modern universities that have been recently set up – some as recently as 2019.

Let’s take a look at how to choose from the top universities in Ireland for your postgraduate studies.

How to select a top university in Ireland

Finding out which university to study at the postgraduate level in Ireland can include a few different methods. If you were planning on studying further throughout your undergraduate degree or you’re your masters program if you are now considering PhD study, then you can use the contacts you made during that time to find out which institution might be the right one for you. Most universities in Ireland will offer campus visits which will give you a good idea about what it would be like to study at the university, and if you are unable to attend one of these there are always online tours and open days. You can also use social media to reach out to past and current students to find out about the course and the university. Rankings are also a great way to understand which universities are well respected, however, you need to check what methodology the ranking used and if it contains any sponsored content to make sure they’re relevant to your specific needs  

Find out about the course

In the same way as it can help with finding out more about the university, social media also offers a great opportunity to connect with students who are currently doing your preferred course. It’s a good idea to network with professionals in the field you would like to work in after have completed your studies and find out which courses are well respected in the industry. Try to meet with someone who is in a position that you would like to work in yourself in a few years and find out if they think if the course you’re considering is a good option.

Consider what else the institution has to offer

Consider your subject area and what you will need to excel in the course. Will an ancient library help you or will all of your resources be more recent and available online? See what the libraries have to offer and the links that the university you are considering has with other institutions. There are also other considerations outside of academics and the course you are considering applying to. What sports and societies does the university have and do these match with your interests? Does the sound of an American-style university attract you or would you prefer to opt for an ancient institution with a long history of academic work. Ireland offers both types of universities – so make sure you have a think about what you’re looking for. Finally, if you are going to study where you want to ultimately live, then you will want to consider links with local businesses and industry as this will help you find a job once you’ve finished your studies.

Top 5 universities in Ireland

Here is a table illustrating some details of the student intakes at the top five universities in Ireland*.


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