How can you find the perfect student home?

Finding the perfect student home is never easy.

And if you are moving to a new town or city, there is even more to consider, as you’ll need to determine what the different areas of this new location are like. Once you have pinpointed the area that you want to live in, how can you then find the perfect student home?

Know what you want

If you know what you are looking for in a student house, then you are more likely to find something that will make you happy. Think about what is necessary for you, what features you would like and what you could easily live without. For example, many student accommodation providers – such as Fresh Student Living – arrange social events for their residents. This could be really important to you if you are moving into a new town and don't know anyone yet. At these sorts of social events, you will get to know your neighbours, which makes life a little more enjoyable, and you’ll meet people who are studying different subjects often at different institutions.

Choose housemates carefully

If you are planning on sharing accommodation with others, then start early and pick carefully. These housemates will be very much present during your relaxation time away from your studies, so you want to enjoy their company and not find them irritating. If you don’t yet know any of your potential fellow housemates you might find you’re better off opting for private accommodation provider Fresh Student Living as they provide individual agreements and handle all of the administration with the utility bills as well as rental contracts. This means that although you will have the sense of community of being surrounded by fellow students, you won’t have the stress of mixing up your finances with other students. If you do have problems with a bad housemate, talk with advisors at your university, as most Student Unions or Associations will have experts on hand to help.

Don’t overstretch financially

Once you’ve decided what sort of accommodation you want, you should realistically look at what your budget is. With many student accommodation providers – just like Fresh Student Living – the rent includes a great deal such as many of the bills, some meals or even access to gyms. You’ll want to understand what your budget is and agree to rent somewhere that falls between what you need and what you can afford. Rents can vary from city to city and within cities, so spend time searching for the right place at the right price, so you can spend the rest of your year concentrating on your studies rather than worrying about money.

Start research early

Most universities supply on-campus or near-campus accommodation, if this is where you want to be based, then you need to start as researching and applying as early as you can. Companies like Fresh Student Living always offer postgraduate student accommodation in locations within easy access of the university campus, they are also used to dealing with students who are travelling from overseas for their studies and it is really easy to view all of their accommodation information, including tours and images, online, making it simple to decide if it is for you. Speak with your university’s Student Union Accommodation Office – or if you are coming from abroad the International Office – as they will advise you on which parts of the local area are ideal for postgraduate students. This table illustrates when students start looking for accommodation in the UK.


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Charlotte King Aug. 6, 2020, 10:08 p.m.

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