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Posted April 8, 2020

Coronavirus advice for Chevening scholars

Chevening ScholarsWith the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, making plans for postgraduate education and funding is currently proving to be incredibly tricky.

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So what does this mean for Chevening scholars? Here we have some advice for Chevening scholars, past, present and future.

Advice for Chevening applicants

If you are a Chevening applicant for the upcoming academic year 2020/21, there is a high chance that you are currently unable to attend your interview due to Covid-19, as many countries around the world are in various stages of lockdown or at the very least have higher contact restrictions in place than usual. Chevening is working with British embassies and high commissions in an attempt to minimise the disruption to interviews as much as possible, and all outstanding interviews are likely to take place online or on the telephone. If you have any concerns about whether your interview is still going ahead or if you are unable to go to the previously arranged location, you are advised to contact Chevening. If your interview needs to be postponed Chevening will contact you via email as soon as possible, so it’s important to check your emails regularly.

Advice for Chevening Fellows due to start their award

If you are a Chevening Fellow due to commence your award soon, Chevening is liaising closely with British embassies and high commissions as well as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and host institutions, to try and sort out the arrangements for Chevening Fellowships that are due to start soon. The Covid-19 situation is still very unpredictable and Chevening will communicate any updates to any new Chevening Fellows as soon as anything concrete is confirmed. It is important to check your emails regularly for any updates from Chevening.

Advice for current Chevening Scholars & Fellows

If you are currently studying at a UK university as a Chevening Scholar, you should check with your particular university for details of plans for future lectures, seminars and lessons. The UK government currently has restrictions on all non-essential movement so do not attempt to go to your university campus – check their online provisions instead. Check this page for regular updates on the Covid-19 pandemic from Chevening.

Advice for recent Scholars who can’t get home

Some recent Chevening Scholars (from the academic year 2018/19) may still be in the UK and now unable to return to their home country due to flight restrictions. If this is the situation for you and you are worried about your visa expiring or it has in fact recently expired the UK Government has confirmed that you will not be regarded as an overstayer or incur any penalties if your inability to go home is due to Covid-19. Check the UK Government website for advice for those people whose visas have expired recently or is due to expire before the 31st May 2020. 

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