5 Weird Things You Should Try at University

University students have a reputation for being lazy, with the only things we like doing being wearing dirty dressing gowns, eating chips and watching Netflix. This is an unfair stereotype; true, these are most of our favourite things, but we also love any excuse that we can get for doing the most ridiculous things that can be conceived of, especially if they involve alcohol, dressing up or a winning combination of the two. However, when you’ve run out of TV-based drinking games, here are five more weird things to try.

Quidditch We talked about this briefly in our guide to why you should join a society , but it really does warrant more explanation. Yes, someone has invented a real-life version of the Hogwarts school sport, and yes, you can probably play it at your university. Teams of seven hold broomsticks between their legs and play a bizarre combination of dodgeball, tag and basketball. Admittedly, this muggle version is slightly less magical that the fictional version (the snitch, for example, is a tennis ball in a sock hanging off one player’s shorts), but this hasn’t stopped it spreading to over twenty countries across the world, from its home in Vermont all the way to Peru, Indonesia and Uganda.

Recreate Your Favourite TV Show Recreating ‘ Come Dine With Me ’ has been a student staple for many of us since it first appeared back on student-friendly daytime TV way back in 2005. However, why not try recreating its dating spin-off, ‘Come Date With Me’, in which one person has four dates over the course of four days, rating each one as in its mother show — whatever happens, it has to be better than Tinder. In fact, many of TV’s best/worst shows can be recreated with some free time and imagination. Why not take some friends to the swimming pool and recreate your own version of ‘Splash!’? Or go rat hunting through the average rodent-infested student flat pretending to be the boys of ‘Duck Dynasty’?

Clubbercise Want to get fit but don’t want to do it in front of the impossibly fit rowers at your uni gym? Want any excuse to wear neon clothing and dance to ‘Ride on Time’ at 10 in the morning? Then Clubbercise is for you. Described by its official website as an ‘easy-to-follow dance workout using flashing glow sticks set to a soundtrack of uplifting club anthems from the 90?s’, it seems just about ridiculous enough to be the most fun ever, especially as most of the classes take place in real clubs with realdisco lights (although presumably less Jagerbombs than the average night out clubbing).

Turn Childhood Games into Drinking Games If university is for anything, it’s for totally corrupting every part of your childhood. From the film studies student who will tell you ‘Toy Story’ is a metaphor for men’s fear of sexual inadequacy (think about it: Woody is jealous of Buzz…), to the TV stars of your childhood that will do DJ sets at your student union and ruin every single memory you have of them (seriously, a friend once saw the star of a famous early ‘00s boyband thrown out of Sheffield SU because he was chewing on the electricity wires.) But to really destroy every childhood memory, add an alcohol element to kid-oriented board games. Lose a marble in Kerplunk!? SHOT. Guess Who character not wearing a hat? SHOT. On that note of childhood ruining… University Hide and Seek At time of writing, Exeter, Plymouth and Nottingham students are lucky enough to have societies dedicated to the great pursuit of hide and seek. If your university hasn’t seen the genius potential behind this, however, all it takes is a group of dedicated friends and a knowledge of the tight spaces and hideaways of your campus or library to fully recreate your childhood on an epic scale. Lost marks, however, for anyone who doesn’t fully commit and hides out in the student union bar.

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