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Posted Dec. 2, 2013

5 Websites That Are Perfect for Postgraduates

The great strides of development that technology has taken over the years have proved bountiful in the field of education as well. With devices such as laptops, iPads and smartphones connecting to the Internet at a mere button click or screen tap, one can gain access to various online tools that facilitate postgraduates in pursuit of their thesis and research.

With major universities working at digitalising their libraries, there is no dearth of access to information and research papers. Not only that, one can even access vast collections of videos, audios and other electronic modes of information to supplement their work.Following are five websites that can be of tremendous help for students, especially for postgraduates: Google Scholar This is a simple method for searching scholarly literature online. Moving across books, articles, theses citations and abstracts with the ease of a finger click, almost everything is grouped into one place. Moreover, the material comes from academic publishers, professional societies, universities and online repositories. A postgraduate can, as a result, have all his/her research papers and documents pooled in one safe place. In order to make even better use of the software, the advanced search feature need to be used.

Duolingo This is a web-based software program that offers courses in Spanish, English, French, German, Portugese and Italian. It is also free and delivers quality learning without any fees or fuss. Duolingo makes learning fun with its interactive games and activities. Furthermore, the software is up for free download on Android and iPhone so that one can practice wherever and whenever needed.

Mind Meister This software facilitates a great way to organise and plan the dissertation topic by enabling virtual visualisation of the early ideas, which is also known as mind-mapping. Easily downloadable onto smartphones, the software can be used anywhere.

Evernote Inspiration can come from anywhere! For a postgraduate working on his/her thesis, this is a priceless tool, especially when on the go. Evernote is a free toolset that quite easily stores texts, webpages, screenshots and image. When needed in the future, the saved items can easily be retrieved using the search option. This tool can also be installed on the laptop or PC, and is an excellent way to capture and amass data instantly.

Bibdesk The bibliography at the end of the thesis presentation is a vital part of any research dissertation . Compiling it towards the end of the project is cumbersome and often not effective. Bibdesk is an app that helps store bibliography in the required format, quite easily. Citations can be stored at random, right from the beginning of the project. These can be retrieved later and put into a desired format.
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