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Posted Oct. 28, 2013

Top 5 Organisation Tips for Postgrads

The life of a postgraduate student can be both exciting and intimidating. Above all, you may find yourself unsure as to how to organise a new life defined by freedom as well as responsibility. Thankfully, you are not alone. There are some sure-fire tips and tricks to help ease this burden while providing you with an enjoyable experience before finally venturing out into the professional world.

Think Big By thinking big, this is referring to planning ahead. While there are extremely useful tools to help you plan your day , you also need to concern yourself with the bigger picture. Take a look and see which months you imagine will be the busiest. On the contrary, also try to predict which one will provide you with a bit of extra breathing room. Viewing postgraduate life in this way will help you to avoid any unexpected surprises and the dreaded "crunch times" before exams.

All About Networking You will find that you have much less supervision as a postgraduate student. This will provide you with more of a chance to settle in and meet like-minded people. While this is indeed beneficial, avoid networking over numerous pints of beer on a weekday evening. Instead, look outside of the traditional circles into such areas a community centres, off-campus gatherings and weekend getaways. Another excellent avenue to explore is the Internet. Most likely, you will be able to find countless activities, parties and informal gatherings that will allow you to meet the "who's who" in your field. Remember, your professional career will depend just as much on who you know as what you know.


Postgraduate life can be hard. Work can mount up. Pressure can build until the veritable breaking point. So, never forget to take a "time out" when necessary. Give yourself breathing room when you feel that you are about to burst at the seams. You may enjoy a walk alone in the woods while another will prefer to hit the local gym and sweat the stress out. Regardless of your hobbies, give your body and mind a break. Upon returning to your studies, you will be rested and able to more easily absorb any information that you will be presented with.

Informal Study Sessions Studying on a rather informal and tranquil basis will actually help you to absorb a greater amount of information than when meeting at the university library, and it will certainly feel less confining. Instead, choose a coffee shop with low music, a nearby park or any other location where the formality of your school is less apparent. In fact, you may even begin to look forward to such meetings.

Remember Timetables Finally, never forget that progress waits for no one. While it is a foregone conclusion to not put things off until the last minute, you should also allocate a specific time each day that will be devoted to studying alone. A bit of discipline can go a long way. You will soon get into this habit and find your routines to be much more accommodating.

These five tips are easy to employ and can make a world of difference in your postgraduate life.

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