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Posted Sept. 18, 2013

5 Ways to Deal With Stress as a Postgrad

Your time as a postgraduate student should be one of the most incredible and memorable periods of your life with the opportunities for furthering your knowledge, producing meaningful work and making lasting friendships never likely to be better. That being said, for some postgraduate students, it can be an extremely stressful time that is filled with difficult and unforeseen challenges. Fortunately there are ways to deal these challenges which increase the likelihood of your time as a postgraduate being the fantastic experience that it really ought to be. Let's take a look at the top 5 ways for dealing with postgraduate stress that you can get started using straight away!

Tip #1 - Develop A Good Relationship With Your Supervisor Probably the most important relationship that can make or break your time as a postgraduate student is that which you have and develop with your advisor. A good working relationship with your advisor is essential so that you can make good progress on your thesis, overcome any and all problems with your research and feel confidence that you are being capably guided through the challenging aspects of postgraduate study. If you have several postgrad offers then you should meet potential advisors before deciding to get the best "match" for you to work with.

Tip #2 - Get Your Finances Sorted!

Study of all kinds is getting progressively more expensive in the UK, resulting in extra stress being heaped on students. The good news is that, with wise choices, you can largely eliminate financial stress from your life. As a postgraduate student you want to try and obtain the best funding package you possibly can, right from the outset. Many UK postgraduates receive in excess of £10,000/year to live on which makes living expenses far more manageable. Seriously compare the funding options open to you and look for the most attractive financial offer that still makes sense from a study perspective. Be sure to check to see if a postgraduate bursary is available.

Tip #3 - Work Out At The Uni Gym Nothing beats working out to leave you feeling re-energised, revilatised and massively less stressed. With a heavily subsidised Uni gym on offer there is no excuse not to. What's more, checking out some of the hotties working out may reduce your stress even further!

Tip #4 - Build Strong Friendships As a postgraduate student it is tempting to throw yourself so completely into your studies that everything else comes second. While tempting, it is actually a mistake, not least from a social perspective. Friendships and social interaction are incredibly important when it comes to dealing with stress and so you should definitely not neglect them completely in favour of non-stop study (except, perhaps, at exam time!).

Tip #5 - Take Advantage of Help on Offer Thankfully nowadays, with the more modern approach to stress, there is plentiful help available if you need it. Be sure to check out the support that's on offer from tutors, counsellors and other helpful sources. Check out this great resource to see what's available to help with your overall health and wellbeing at university.

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