5 cool resources for career preparation for PG students

If you’ve excelled in the world of formal education, making it all the way to postgraduate studies – congratulations – that’s an accomplishment that stands you in good stead for the life and career ahead of you.

But while you’re studying, you should take the time to run through some preparation and ideation for your future career. The more ready you become to face the challenges ahead of you, the easier you’ll find it to transition to the world of work.

To help you do just that, here are five great resources that you should take a look at – in addition to the Postgrad Careers section of this website, of course.


Consisting of countless specific communities (or subreddits), Reddit is an incredible resource for just about any purpose you can imagine — and the proliferation of professionals willing to talk about their career paths makes it first-rate for postgraduate students looking for some guidance. All you need to do is search for skills, interests or courses that suit you: you’ll certainly find some suggested communities full of helpful people.


Wikipedia is the go-to destination for many when it comes to generalised research, offering information on so many different things, but it’s somewhat selective about the topics it covers. Everipedia started life as a fork (copy, essentially) of Wikipedia, but has since gone in a different direction that allows articles on all topics, not just those considered important by the admins. That makes it an interesting place to look for career information.

What Career is Right for Me?

Yes, career quizzes can be cringeworthy, and by this point you’ve no doubt taken various editions in your life — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get value from a different one. The WCIRFM? quiz eschews the most common format, sticking to a more useful test based on identified skill levels. Will it radically change your career path? Probably not, but it might help you choose between two comparable paths. 


The CareerOneStop site lists a variety of useful links filtered by types of candidate, but it has a dedicated section called GetMyFuture for young adults. All the suggestions are geared towards American workers, but the provided advice can be applied throughout the world: for example, you can learn all about how to master an interview, something that not all students are very accustomed to dealing with.


One of the best options for testing out a possible career is to shadow someone who works in it, and though the CollegeVine guide I’ve linked to is called “High Schoolers: Here’s How You Can Shadow A Professional in Your Target Career”, it contains advice that isn’t only useful for high schoolers. Anyone at any age can try job shadowing, and it’s a great idea for postgraduates (particularly since they’re better positioned to ask pertinent questions and make the most of it).

The online world is full of incredible resources for anyone looking to further their life and/or career, and that certainly goes for postgraduate students. Instead of waiting until you’re done studying to see what you can find, steal a march on your competition by checking out these resources.

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