5 Ways To Keep Your Immunity Boosted On A Postgrad Budget

It's no secret that postgrad budgets are very restrictive, especially when it comes to food. Because you need it multiple times a day and any extravagances quickly add up, food and nutrition is often the first department to get hit with budget cuts. Most students choose to rely on cheap, filling foods to get by regardless of their nutrition values, or lack thereof. Tights budgets along with cramped schedules means most students end up suffering a loss in immunity but the fact is boosting your immunity has to be neither time-consuming nor expensive. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your immunity boosted on a postgrad budget.

1. Get Some Exercise

It is a proven fact that exercise in moderation has an effect on reducing heart diseases, increasing bone strength and boosting immunity. You don't need to join an expensive gym to get your daily exercise session in - simple changes like walking to campus or taking a jog in the evening can help boost your body's immunity as well as destress you in the process.

2. Incorporate Fruit and Vegetables into Your Diet

Good nutrition is the biggest boost your immunity can get and this does not necessarily mean juicing kale and avocado for breakfast. Fruits and Vegetables contain useful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrition and as long as you are consuming a few pieces of each everyday, you should be benefiting from those nutrients. Fruits like apples and bananas are cheap, rich sources of iron whereas leafy greens like Spinach or even starches like sweet potato can be a good cheap way of getting those nutrients in.

3. Cook From Scratch When Possible

Although it might be hard to access a kitchen and stove every night, try to eat at least one self-cooked meal a day. If it's hard to make an entire meal, try to cook things like boiled eggs or mashed potatoes - things you can trace the ingredients down to the root for. This will ensure you are not ingesting preservatives and processed foods on the daily and might help reduce your cravings for such foods in the long run.

4. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Getting sick affects your immunity, starting a vicious cycle that can be hard to break out of. Where possible, focus on prevention rather than resorting to cure. Keep yourself clean, get as much sleep as you can and try to focus on the nutrients in your food as much as the taste and portions.

5. Learn to Budget Better

Ultimately, if you have a limited amount of resources certain aspects of your lifestyle will suffer. To ensure you have a comfortable amount of spending money and can easily invest in yourself, try to budget at the start of the week. Remember, if you need to choose between your immunity and a night out, the wise thing to do might be to choose the former - but the wiser thing to do is plan ahead and choose both.

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