5 types of people you will meet on an MBA course

Now that you have embarked on your journey towards securing an MBA degree, as an MBA candidate you will meet some fellow cohorts who are in a similar boat as you are. They are hoping too that an MBA degree will help them move into better career paths, will allow them to follow their areas of interest in the business world, the belief that it will all pay off and help them earn lots more money in a fulfilling career! On your MBA course you will get to work with several groups of students on case studies and presentations that will prepare you for some very interesting debates and discussions with your fellow colleagues – this will in turn stir up your creative and imaginative side. However not all colleagues are the same.

Below is a list of people that you are most likely to meet on your course.

The Silent Nerd:

The person whom you never knew even existed in your group - they hardly talk or contribute to group activities. And even when they do, they do it with a very feeble voice... But mind you they are very clever and intelligent.

The Networker:

The person whose sole purpose is to find their next boss in the room. They can be charming (most of the time) and will talk to almost everyone as though they are giving a pitch, selling themselves every single time. They also are the ones who always like to add people on LinkedIn as they start asking for names/business cards.

The Smooth Operator:

These are the people who will 'schmooze' their way to get information, and until you either give in or keep saying no, will continue to charm you.

The Toppers:

These people don’t need any introductions – they are the front-benchers. The ones who show up to class promptly, know all the answers, finish assignments on time and get straight As on their submissions. This type of people can talk on any subject, can be hard working yet a socialite at the same time, and basically envied by everybody. If you think they are your competitors, you may want to keep them close!

The Lazy Ones:

A complete opposite to the Toppers. These people are highly oblivious to the fact that they may have spent a fortune in doing an MBA degree. They will not always make it to class but try to make their presence known during heated topics. They may also fall behind on their assignments and given an impression that they do not care much about studies. Often they will try and borrow your notes but interestingly enough, people do envy the carefree attitude of such people who mostly do get away by successfully completing the degree!

So which one of these people will you be?

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