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University of Liverpool: Pharmacology and Toxicology

Institution University of Liverpool
Department School of Life Sciences
Telephone 0151 794 5927
Study type Taught


The Pharmacology and Toxicology MSc will provide you with an advanced understanding of the development of therapeutics, for applications in many communicable, and non-communicable diseases.

This course is still subject to approval, meaning course content may change.

The programme’s mission is around making medicines better. Through optimisation of current treatments, understanding variability in patient responses from both an efficacy and safety perspective, and formulation of advanced therapeutics such as nanomedicines and cellular therapies, and making better medicines by developing the next generation of therapeutics. All of this is underpinned by a robust understanding of the processes that govern the biodistribution, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety of these new, and improved, therapeutics.

The course is led by internationally recognised experts in the field of pharmacology, toxicology, and biocompatibility from both non-clinical and clinical departments. In practice, you will be provided with in-depth teaching on the processes underlying these areas, as well as the clinical and regulatory processes aligned to them. You will utilise real-world case studies of therapeutics under development by experts involved in these research areas prior to you joining one of these teams for the implementation of your final research project.

You will gain in-depth scientific knowledge and will receive training for research that can be applied to academic, commercial and healthcare settings. In addition, you will learn digital, programming and informatic skills that are of increasing importance for research and many employers.

Who is this course for? This master’s is for graduates from a biomedical sciences background who want to pursue a career in pharmacology and toxicology.

What you'll learn - Advanced research skills in pharmacology and toxicology, including digital fluency through informatics and programming skills

  • Experimental medicine and clinical pharmacology

  • Early phase clinical trial periods, encompassing phase I and II of the drug development pipeline

  • Core and novel aspects of toxicology in the context of the development of new medicines

  • Key advances in novel drug delivery systems

  • The emergence of advanced therapeutics, enabled by significant progress in biomedical science and technology.


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