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University of Bolton: Systems Engineering (Electronic) and Engineering Management

Institution University of Bolton
Department Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Telephone +44 (0)1204 903903
Study type Taught


The University of Bolton's MSc in Systems Engineering (Electronics) and Engineering Management is an excellent opportunity to consolidate and advance your skills and knowledge in systems engineering with an electronics emphasis. Graduating from this postgraduate course should increase your employability and enhance your suitability for further research or training options.

Almost every business or organisation has a system to keep things working efficiently and productively. This system might keep information moving securely and efficiently or ensure product distribution or service availability. A systems engineer is the all-important link between complex programming and technology and its users, customers and stakeholders. So, you'll need a firm knowledge and understanding of both sides, along with the ability to take a joined-up approach to ensure systems meet a wide range of needs reliably, efficiently, and in a user-friendly fashion.

That might sound like a tall order, but it's a hugely rewarding career path. This MSc Systems Engineering (Electronic) and Engineering Management master's degree is an excellent opportunity to develop a unique blend of practical engineering and management-orientated learning. By studying for your postgraduate degree with the University of Bolton, you can extend your knowledge of systems engineering and engineering management while experiencing life at our supportive, student-focused, multicultural campus in the heart of the North West of England.

Our expert team will support you in building your specialist systems engineering knowledge and skills, focusing on electronics. Completing this course successfully should make you highly employable in a range of sectors and settings. In addition, We'll support you in developing lifelong learning skills that will help you take ownership of your professional development for the future, maximising your potential for success.

The course meets professional institution standards in the UK and Europe and addresses various contemporary engineering and engineering management issues. This course could be ideal if you're looking to take a systems-based approach to engineering management.


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