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University of Bedfordshire: International Commercial and Dispute Resolution Law

Institution University of Bedfordshire
Department Law
Telephone 0300 3300 073
Study type Taught


Increasingly globalisation has led to a growing demand for commercial lawyers with an understanding of international law.

This course meets this need and will help you develop an understanding of the origins of public and private international conflicts and disputes, the causes of cross-border and municipal commercial disputes, and how these can be prevented, managed and resolved.

Intermediate qualifications available:

Postgraduate certificate – 60 credits at Masters level Postgraduate diploma – 120 credits at Masters level There are six entry points through the year. This allows you to start when it is most suitable.

Why choose this course? - Study the critical application of legal theory to international commercial transactions, and develop contextual skills related to legal reasoning, analysis, research and independent judgement

  • Explore the application of theoretical constructs to a range of commercial scenarios, and learn to provide an effective evaluation of legal options

  • Develop the professional skills and values needed to put your knowledge into practice, and learn to think in the independent and creative way that would be expected from you as a legal professional employed by a client

  • Gain an understanding of the interaction between commercial environments and international legal frameworks

  • Benefit from learning how to discern the tensions between individuals, corporations and governments, and how the law can be used as a means of their resolution and, occasionally, their propagation.

The LLM in International Commercial and Dispute Resolution Law will provide you with the opportunity to study commercial law from an international perspective. This course is also designed for the personal development of lawyers who are concerned about the origins of public and private international conflicts and disputes; the causes of cross-border and municipal commercial conflicts and disputes; and how they might be prevented, managed, and resolved.

This course provides you with the opportunity for in-depth study of the procedural and substantive issues in the field. It is primarily concerned with the regulation of individual, corporate and public conduct in the context of international and commercial conflicts and disputes, including the relevance of issues such as the identification of the relevant courts and tribunals.

This course adopts a practice-based, client-facing approach, underpinned by a strong grounding in the appropriate legal theory. Thus, problem-based learning will play a key role in the course, with many seminars and assignments centred on imagined real-life scenarios, your job being to advise the hypothetical plaintiff on how they might resolve the legal problem with which they are faced.

You will be taught by internationally-recognised lecturers who have an outstanding reputation in their field with broad experience in City Law Firms. Additionally, International Aviation Law is a very specialised area and that is a truly distinctive element of this course which is one of the very few in the UK giving you the opportunity to become an expert in this topic.


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