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Postgraduate Mechanical Engineering Programs

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Mechanical EngineeringMechanical engineering is widely viewed as the broadest of the engineering disciplines, since it combines maths, technology, management and business disciplines. Postgraduate mechanical engineering programs give the student practical applications of theoretical principles in order to confer knowledge, skills and abilities that are in demand across many fields and industries.

If you choose to study an MSc Mechanical Engineering, by the time you have completed the course, you will have gained a strong understanding of the basic principles of designing, creating and assessing mechanical, aeronautical and/or electrical systems. In addition, you will have developed strong research and data retrieval skills, along with the ability to analyse information critically.

A Masters in Mechanical Engineering is usually studied full time over the course of a year, but part time options are also available. Postgraduate mechanical engineering courses are generally lecture based with some laboratory work required and assessment is based on a combination of exams and coursework. There may also be the possibility of submitting a dissertation.

Student case study

West Dean College AlumnusFind out about George de Fossard FBHI, a British clockmaker, engineering graduate, and West Dean College alumnus. George has just launched the world’s first solar time clock. He studied Clocks at West Dean College.


Postgraduate Mechanical Engineering modules

Specific modules vary from course to course, but postgraduate mechanical engineering courses are likely to include such subjects as manufacturing materials and processes; mechanical and systems engineering, vehicle drives and dynamics; energy sources and storage; aircraft propulsion systems; aerodynamics; the conservation and recycling of materials; etc. Although different UK universities vary the structure of their courses, they usually have a core of required topics, which is supplemented by optional modules and students are often free to specialise in their particular sphere of interest or keep their studies more general to keep their future options open.

Projects are usually an essential part of the course, with a strong practical focus. Masters in Mechanical Engineering tend to be firmly geared towards real world application, which is one of the reasons why employment prospects are so good for mechanical engineering postgraduates.

Mechanical Engineering graduate case study

Nicola Aliberti, a postgraduate in Automotive Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol, stated that his course "Gave me the opportunity to further my understanding in many different aspects of the automotive field and underlined the importance of electronics in this continuously expanding sector." Further, he also mentioned that his course was "very well balanced between practical and theoretical sessions," a feature typical of postgraduate study in the field of mechanical engineering.

Applying for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering

The application process is straightforward. In order to be considered for acceptance onto a  postgraduate mechanical engineering program, you will usually need at least a 2:2 honours degree in mechanical engineering or a related subject, although some institutes stipulate a 2:1; however, consideration may also given to industry experience or if you have Chartered Engineer status with a Diploma of Technology in a related subject.

Funding options for postgraduate Mechanical Engineering programs

There are various funding options available to postgraduates wishing to study a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. As well as the generic bursaries, studentships and loans available to all postgraduates, some institutes offer subject specific scholarships, so it is worth investigating whether the institute of your choice has some form of bursary scheme and what the requirements are. Further, some employers will also sponsor students to do MSc Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering salaries

Due to the wide range of applications of mechanical engineering, employment prospects for mechanical engineering postgraduates are very good. The average starting salary for a mechanical engineer is around £22,000, although it can range from anything between £20,000 and £28,000. Senior mechanical engineering salaries are generally upwards of £40,000-50,000.

MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate case study

Arnab Dasgupta, an MSc Mechanical Engineering graduate from Swansea University, commented on how his masters has assisted in achieving his career goals: "I would like to pursue a PhD from Swansea University and become an entrepreneur. The College of Engineering has helped immensely with these ambitions.”

Mechanical Engineering careers

Postgraduate mechanical engineering courses have numerous practical applications and if you are looking for a rewarding career, you have a multitude of options available to you. For example, mechanical engineers are frequently sought after in fields focusing on environmental issues, such as renewable energy, but there are other unusual career paths open to mechanical engineering postgraduates, such as becoming a patent agent, which involves investigating patent applications which are granted to protect intellectual property rights.

Mechanical engineering is predominantly office-based with frequent visits on site to factories, workshops, plants, etc. Once an engineer has some experience under their belt, their employment options become broader, with freelance or contract work becoming a possibility. Mechanical engineering involves a lot of travel and there are many overseas opportunities. Most positions are based in areas with a strong manufacturing or research industry.

Find postgraduate programs in MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

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