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Essential Border Control Information for International Students in the UK

May the force be with you…

There are some things all international students should be aware of while packing their bags and getting ready to travel to UK for their postgraduate studies. One of these imperatives includes preparing the items you will require upon your arrival before entering the country. Here are some top tips we have articulated for you from the information proposed by the UK border control to make your entry into UK easy and smooth.

While we recommend first going through the list of restrictions on check-in and in carry-on baggage, below are some things you should keep handy and shouldn’t carry at all at the time of your arrival.

heading to the UK for your postgraduate studies Border Force UK has issued a list of things you should be prepared for when you arrive at the UK border. This has been done to make things run as smoothly as possible for you, so  as long as you follow these guidelines entry to the UK should be a breeze.

Border Force UK


What to keep handy

·       Passport along with one photocopy

·       A completed landing card for non-EEA nationals and the travel vignette for other international students

·       A print copy of your CAS number and the document issued by your university

·       Proper prescriptions for any medication you might be carrying with you

·       Copies or originals of other paperwork submitted during the visa application such as recent bank statement, details of your accommodation in the UK, etc.

·       Declaration of personal allowances. Check for items under personal allowances as they depend on where you are arriving from and more information about the same can be found here (Add link:

·       Declaration of cash for an amount up to £10,000. Click here for more information.

·       Although most countries have discarded the need for additional Covid related documents such as Passenger locator form and negative test certificates we recommend keeping an eye out for any updates about the same as it may or may not change in the future.

What to avoid carrying with you

·       The Border has banned drugs from carrying inside the UK and hence for your personal medication, proper prescriptions are required

·       Items such as offensive weapons and self-defence sprays such as pepper sprays are not allowed and can be seized by customs

·       The UK border doesn’t allow carrying endangered animal and plant species or rough diamonds in the country

·       The list of forbidden items also includes indecent and obscene materials like films, magazines, books, etc.

·       Cash amounting to more than £10,000 needs to be appropriately declared with the reason for carrying such a big amount (Source).

·       An additional list of items to avoid carrying in your hand luggage can be found here.


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