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Welcome to the Postgrad Channel - your one-stop channel to find out all about the universities, departments and subjects for your postgraduate studies.

Do you want to find out about a specific university, a dynamic department or simply a postgraduate subject? If so it's time to tune into the Postgrad Channel. We've got the lowdown on all things postgraduate to help you kick-start your postgraduate life.

Postgrad Inside Information

Need to know what rocks and what shocks before you apply to uni? We've got the lowdown.

Postgrad subjects under scrutiny

Want to find out more about a subject or department? Check out our department vidz...

Postgrad business schools showcase

So you want to be the business? Our business school features reveal all.

  • Henley Business School Webinar

    Everything you need to know about studying a master's about Henley Business School.

  • Kent University

    University of Kent academics Dr Heejung Chung, Dr Dan Lloyd and Professor Paul Allain offer their tips and advice.

  • Warwick Business School

    Daniar Rusnak describes why analytics are important in business and how his studies led to a position at Amazon.

LLM legal flicks

Legal Beagles take note! We show you what makes law schools tick.

  • Kent Law

    A student discusses the merits of studying an LLM at the University of Kent.

  • Notre Dame Law School

    A look at why international students should study an LLM at Notre Dame.

  • UCONN School of Law

    LLM students describe the community at UConn and what sets it apart from other law schools. pick

Watch subject interviews and presentations from the University of Birmingham's Postgraduate Virtual Open Days.

Postgrad best of the rest

Various videos to give you all the postgrad info you need.

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