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Aug. 7, 2019

University of Glasgow scientists are honoured by the Royal Society

University of Glasgow Two scientists from the University of Glasgow have been honoured by the Royal Society for their exceptional research in the field of science.

Professor Sir James Hough and Professor Miles Padgett were both awarded medals last month by the Royal Society for their outstanding contributions to science.

Professor Hough OBE FRS has been awarded the Bakerian Medal and Lecture for his work on gravitational waves research, whilst Professor Padgett FRS has been awarded the Rumford Medal for “world-leading research on optical orbital momentum including an angular form of the Einstein-Padolsky-Rosen paradox”.

Speaking about receiving this prestigious accolade, Professor Hough says, “Having worked on experiments to detect gravitational waves for close to 50 years, I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be awarded the Bakerian medal and lectureship by the Royal Society. This will give me an opportunity to explain the significance of the discovery to the broader scientific community.”

Meanwhile Professor Padgett – the University of Glasgow’s Vice-Principal for Research – says, “I think all scientists hope to have their work recognised by their peers – and I am honoured to having been done so in this way.  I recognise also that science is a team game and how fortunate I have been throughout my career to work with students, post-docs and other colleagues that have given so much and now are making such successes of their own careers.”

Professor Padgett continues, “The turning point of my career, over 20 years ago, was the award of a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and I am forever in the Society’s debt.”

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Content added on 7th August 2019. 

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