Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics


COVID-19 Update
Some new policies have been announced regarding course delivery, deferral and refund options for 2020-21 academic course intake, as well as flexibilization of dates -Application period extended until September 1, 2020- to allow all prospective students to make the most informed decision possible about joining the Barcelona GSE this year. 

You can review the new policies here.  

About Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
The Barcelona GSE is a leading institution for graduate education and research in Economics, Finance, and Data Science.

We bring talented, motivated students from more than 40 countries to Barcelona and connect them with top-ranking researchers, experienced teaching faculty, international alumni, and a strong recruiter network.

The objective of our rigorous one-year Master’s programs is to prepare graduates for professional and academic careers that require intense analytical thinking and a flexible mindset.

What makes the Barcelona GSE stand out
Ranked in top 10 institutions in Europe for Economics research (RePEc)
The academic excellence of the school rests on the talent and drive of our teaching and research faculty, which has positioned the Barcelona GSE consistently among the world's top research groups.

Our graduates get competitive jobs
94% of graduates placement within 6 months of completing their master's, helped by our dedicated Careers Services team that will provide training and support to go out into the world to make an impact in industry or academia.

Nobel Laureates help to develop the Master's
Our Master’s programs lead to official degrees under EU law and receive strategic guidance from a group of more than 30 leading academics, including 11 Nobel Laureates, on the Barcelona GSE Scientific Council.

Life in Barcelona
With seven universities and numerous research institutions, Barcelona offers one of Europe's most inspiring environments for students and academics to live and study.

This intellectually appealing atmosphere coupled with the Barcelona GSE’s location on the campuses of two internationally ranked universities puts our students in the heart of a dynamic academic environment.








Academic Offer for 2020-21

Master’s Degree in Economics and Finance

Economics Program
The Economics Program provides students with rigorous training for admission to top doctoral programs and for technically demanding careers. Students who complete this program will acquire an excellent grounding and deep understanding of the field's foundations, applications, and policies covering theoretical and empirical approaches.

Finance Program
The Finance Program provides students with strong modeling techniques and deep understanding of financial data, the econometric tools and advanced coding skills needed for challenging top jobs in banking, consulting and fintech.

Master’s Degree in Specialized Economic Analysis
Competition and Market Regulation Program
The Competition and Market Regulation Program provides students with the conceptual framework and economics tools for an advanced understanding of the interaction between theory and practice in the Competition Policy and Market Regulation of specific industries, such as banking, energy, and telecommunications among others.

Economics of Public Policy Program
The Economics of Public Policy Program provides students with the theoretical and empirical fundamentals to answer questions that impact entire populations, preparing them for analytical positions at public institutions, international organizations, consulting firms, research institutions and think tanks.

International Trade, Finance, and Development Program
The International Trade, Finance and Development Program provides students with a thorough knowledge of the conceptual and empirical quantitative tools of modern Economics applied to international trade, finance, and development, to pursue careers in international organizations, government agencies, central banks, financial institutions, research and consulting firms, and NGOs.

Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Program
The Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets Program provides students with relevant knowledge about the central issues in Macroeconomic and Financial Economics analysis, as well as the key tools, data, models, and techniques now being used by public and private institutions, to acquire the skills demanded by consulting firms, investment banks and government agencies.

Master’s Degree in Data Science
Data Science Program
The Data Science Program prepares students to design and build data-driven systems for decision-making in the private or public sector, offering a thorough training in predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics. Students will be provided with a solid knowledge of statistical and machine learning methods, optimization and computing, and the ability to spot, assess, and seize the opportunity of data-driven value creation.

Contact an Admissions Counselor
Contact us to learn about the entry criteria for our master programs, and to get in touch with an Admissions Counselor who will solve your doubts and will accompany you throughout the whole process of applying.  


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