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Funding your postgraduate studies

There’s a multitude of different ways to fund your masters or PhD , so here at we’re going to give you the lowdown on each type of funding and why it could be suitable for you. Here is a quick overview on different types of funding, but if you’re looking for a little more detail then click on the headings to get specialised guides to studentships, scholarships, loans or self-payment.


Studentships are masters programs that come pre-packaged with funding (either partial or complete), which saves you a lot of hassle as usually you automatically win the funding when you win the place at the university. However studentships are extremely competitive, so be prepared to ace your application and interview if you want to grab the spot. If you’re wondering how studentships work and whether they are for you, read our guide and see for yourself why funding your postgraduate course isn’t always difficult.


Funding your studies There are hundreds of organisations, countries and universities that offer scholarships with varying conditions and outcomes. Scholarships can provide anything from a couple of hundred pounds to cover book costs to the total cost of a course fees, accommodation fees and even a living stipend. Generally the rule of thumb is that the more a scholarship offers, the more competitive it is. Therefore if you want to try cover all of your masters costs via scholarships you must be prepared to fight tooth and nail to synch the spot. Read our scholarships guide to find out what kind of scholarships you can get, and find out the best way to get a scholarship committee’s attention.


UK undergraduates are often shocked to find out that there is not a government sponsored student loans system for postgraduates: if you want to get a loan for postgraduate study then it’s a grown-up bank loan for you! In reality however, bank loans for study are not always so scary and can actually be a really useful resource for funding all or part of your studies. Read our loans guide to find out about special loans like Career Development Loans (CDLs) that can help you on your way to adding those extra letters after your name in an affordable way.

Self-payment through savings or work

You might be one of those people who are lucky enough to be able to afford postgraduate fees through savings, parental help, or even winning the lottery! If so, then funding your postgraduate studies is as simple as transferring the money to your chosen university and managing your finances carefully.

If you plan on working through your degree or asking an employer to sponsor you, then give this section a read too. Pick up some tips on balancing work with study, the pros and cons or part-time postgraduate courses and how to manage your pay-slip to make it go further.


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