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Buckinghamshire New University: Engineering Design

Institution Buckinghamshire New University
Department School of Art, Design, and Performance
Study type Taught


This MSc in Engineering Design will equip you with skills and knowledge you’ll need to deliver engineering projects efficiently. You’ll gain an advanced critical understanding of theoretical concepts to help you solve problems in existing and emerging technologies.

With a history of delivering engineering design or related course for more than 25 years, Buckinghamshire New University is the perfect place to reach your full potential.

Degrees at BNU are designed to offer a broader and more flexible education by giving you the opportunity to try a range of subjects before specialising. Even if you know exactly what you want to do, with most of our courses you can choose to study additional subjects to enhance your education.

What facilities can I use? We have a range of state-of-the-art-facilities for you to get hands-on with. You’ll have access to the Engineering IT studio, where current industry-standard software such as Solidworks is available. As well as this, facilities also support a range of other activities including advanced 3D printing, design, and CAD/CAM labs.

This mix of traditional and highly creative learning environments will enable you to learn essential knowledge and real-world skills, standing you in good stead for your professional career.

You are expected to take ownership of your learning and are required to spend time outside the contact time with tutors undertaking independent study. That’s why we offer a four-storey library filled with all the articles, books, research papers, computers and printers that you may need during your studies.

What will I study? Engineering provides a rewarding career with exciting roles using science and creativity to make new things or improve on existing ones in a variety of fields such as food, medicines, cars, aeroplanes or buildings, bridges and roads - aimed at the betterment of society and life in general.

In this evolving industry you must have a well-rounded knowledge of the state-of-the art design practices and technologies in engineering, and be able to deliver engineering projects efficiently, sustainably, ethically, and safely. This course offers modules which covers these areas, ensuring upon graduation you have a comprehensive knowledge in key areas that employers look for, from project management to Manufacturing Automation, Robotics and IoT.

This MSc Engineering Design course is designed to give students who have achieved an undergraduate degree in Engineering or equivalent the opportunity to extend their engineering skills and develop further understanding and knowledge on how to employ management and technical tools, and the skills and confidence to spearhead and manage the development of new products and projects within the engineering industry.

You’ll learn to identify business issues and develop systematic, original, and creative intellectual skills to formulate solutions. Taking a holistic approach, you’ll investigate issues or problems on a topic of professional relevance. Using your learnt skills and knowledge you’ll show how these issues can be resolved through design engineering.

On this course you’ll look at the key themes of Design/Technology, Project Management, Business Alignment and Complex Problem Solving in an engineering context. extends knowledge and skills in specialist and contemporary areas of design and technology to deal with complex engineering problems

The transferable skills you learn with this degree provides you with an understanding of commercial/financial management and modern tools and processes required for competitive product design and manufacture. It will also help you develop both project and people management skills.

Upon graduating this course you’ll be capable of evaluating business needs and constraints covering both strategic and operational issues, through the application of an enhanced understanding of technical sign-off responsibilities.


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