Study Tip: Learn to be a morning person

Have you ever thought about how much easier your postgrad life would be if you could just be a morning person? Being able to make your classes on time , actually seeing the world outside your window before midday? Well, good news - it's possible to learn to become a morning person! But where to start?

Eat Breakfast Eating breakfast makes a huge difference to your energy levels throughout the day, so one great way of encouraging yourself in a morning is to sit down and actually eat breakfast. Whether it's something as simple as warming up some pain au chocolat, or making yourself a full English breakfast (great for hangovers), you'll soon find that the routine helps as much as the added energy levels!

Get Up After One Alarm This is difficult, I know, but worth it. Letting yourself get into the habit of snoozing through alarms is the quickest way to wake up and find it's mid-afternoon. No matter how cold it is or how tired you feel, get up out of bed - or at least, sit up in bed! You don't have to do a lot for the first hour if you're still getting the hang of it but by being awake you'll get used to mornings being a thing you participate in now!

Take It Slowly Trying to go from waking up at midday to waking up at six am is a terrible plan. Instead, take it slowly so you get used to it. Try setting your alarm half an hour earlier each day, and go to bed half an hour earlier too. If you find that you're simply staying up because you don't feel tired, and that's affecting your ability to wake up in a morning, take up evening exercise. By wearing yourself out, you'll be able to get to sleep much easier!

Make a Commitment Try committing to something you'll have to get up for! Bonus points if it's also a healthy thing. For instance, look into starting an early morning yoga class , or volunteering commitment. If you've got a reason to leave your bed, it's much harder to justify staying in there to yourself.

  Organise Your Room to Help You can also try moving the things in your room around to help. Positioning your bed so the early morning sunlight wakes you up can help, as can trying to take advantage of the sun's direction. Little things like having your coffee maker upstairs rather than in the kitchen can make a difference too. And, if all else fails, just position your alarm across the room. The further away it is, the less likely you are to just hit the off button and crawl back under the covers!

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