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Posted Oct. 17, 2014

Student City Guide: Glasgow

Deciding where to do your postgrad studies is an important decision. Further study enhances changes for an individual to hone their skills while pursuing a passion. However, it must be ensured that besides suiting the interest it is equally important to suit the pocket too. With tuition fees in the UK rangeing from between £3,000 to £10,000 for resident students and almost double for international students. Deciding to study a postgraduate program, and indeed where to study it is a decision no student can afford to take lightly. We understand that estimating a budget is not an easy task, particularly because it may vary according to different individuals. However in a city like Glasgow with friendly locals and availability of cheap transport, a student life is all set to roll. However, desirability has gradually led to a little rise in overall prices in recent years, so make sure you look carefully.

Getting around: Moving around across the city is easy and cheap due to availability of good local bus service and a highly reliable underground. The famous Buchanan Street Bus Station offers bus services to all the major cities of the UK. Also connectivity to London is excellent with train services every hour and takes merely four hours to reach. The airport too receives both national and international flights and is just seven miles to the west of the city. All in all moving in and around Glasgow will turn out to be an easy and enjoyable experience and most importantly, pocket friendly too!
Fresh Student LivingAccommodation: Options between choosing between university accommodations and renting an apartment with friends may be open. However, budgeting your finances accordingly is important. As add on expenditures such as water and electricity bills and internet charges may add on later. One important advice is to ensure that your accommodation must be close to the university as you do not end up wasting time travelling long hours. Being a post graduate student, you may wish to stay longer hours studying in the college library and subsequently crash at your bed.
Explore & join in: In order to feel at home, one important piece of advice is to explore the area as soon as you land in. It will help you feel at ease gradually and accustom yourself with the surrounding. If time and budget permits, joining a sports/drama/dance/music activity will relieve you of all the mental stress gained throughout the day. These form an essential aspect of post graduate life and must surely be experienced. Also, it is important to note that having fun once in a while is not bad at all. In fact it will only help you release your stress and charge up to study further.
In Conclusion... According to a report by Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) IN 2011, more than a quarter of the postgraduates who were surveyed felt that their chances of employability increased due to their qualification. It is therefore extremely important to choose your course wisely and more importantly to complete it with utmost dedication and sincerity.

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