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Posted Jan. 28, 2013

Learning a New Language the Easy Way

If you're planning on carrying out your postgraduate study abroad then chances are you will want to learn the language of the country you'll be making your home for the next year or two.

Learning a new language can be tough and it takes a huge commitment. A commitment that many of us simply don't have the time to make. But what if there was an easy way to fast track you to fluency?

Why You Should Start Learning a New Language Today Learning a new language has amazing benefits. Apart from increasing cognitive functions such as boosting brain power, improving concentration, and even lessening the chances of developing Alzheimer's, it also has a ton of social benefits. Nothing beats being able to effectively communicate with natives whilst undertaking your postgraduate degree in a foreign country.

How to Learn a New Language the Easy Way The real trick to learning a new language is speaking. A lot! You won't achieve your goals by burying your head in a book or having your eyes glued to the computer screen. You need to start talking.

The Basic Strategy Here is a breakdown of the basic strategy you should follow: Find the Right Resources - Having the right resources at hand for optimal learning is essential if you want to get off to a flying start. You'll need a good grammar book, a phrase book, a dictionary, a memorization app, and any films or books in your target language.

Get a Private Tutor - If you can afford it, a private tutor is a must, at least for the first few months. If you have the funds it is worth shelling out for as many hours you can each week.

Think and Speak Only in Your Target Language - If you can't remember a word, look it up. Practice your vocabulary every day. Don't find excuses not to, just do it! 20 minutes each day is much better than a few hours once or twice a week.

Connect with People that Speak the Language - Once you have the ability to have basic conversation with your private tutor, it's time to find other partners. Whether its friends, language partners, or complete and utter strangers, find people that you can continuously practice with.

Top Tips for Learning a New Language  Keep these top tips in mind when attempting to learn your new language: Immerse Yourself - The first few months of learning a new language are always the most difficult. After that something usually just clicks! You need to immerse yourself as much as possible. Moving to the country where the language is spoken will do you a world of good.

Be an Active Learner - If you want to learn your new language quickly you'll need to be active. Ask questions and force yourself to interact. Don't sit back and be taught, make it happen.

Memorize 30 Words A Day - Why 30 words a day? Because in just 90 days you'll have learnt 80% of the language! At a rate of 30 words a day, over a three month period, you'll have learnt 3,000 words! Seen as the 2,925 most common words make up around 80% of occurrences, you'll basically be fluent!

With enough dedication and focus you can learn a new language with ease. Now get out there and do it!

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