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Posted Jan. 17, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Postgraduate Study Environment

If you want to maximize your postgraduate study efficiency , then you'll need to know how to create a harmonious environment from which to learn. And this is particularly important if you are studying your postgraduate program online as this will be pretty much your only study zone.

For optimal productivity, creating an environment which is free from distractions and clutter is a MUST!

Here's how you do it: Decide Where You Work Best Everyone learns in different ways. Some people thrive in a shared academic environment such as the university library, others need total tranquillity before study mode starts to kick in - it's really just personal preference. Bedroom, kitchen, living room, library, claim your space and own it!

Establish Rules Setting some postgraduate study ground rules is essential for success. If you know that you are able to study more effectively in short bursts, or when you take regular breaks to stretch your legs, grab a snack or simply take a step back for renewed perspective, then honour these preferences and you'll study style will flourish.

Clean Up Your Space Make time to keep your space clean and tidy. It feels so much better to walk into a clean room, free from dirty coffee mugs and half eaten bags of crisps. Either just after you wake up, or just before you go to bed, spend five minutes doing a quick whip round. A cluttered room is a cluttered mind!

Eliminate Distractions No matter where your chosen study area is, distractions still need to be eliminated. Whether it's Facebook, the TV, or even your cute little kitty that just won't stop trying to snuggle up to the keyboard, you need to be able to focus on the task at hand .

Ditch the Electronics On the subject of Facebook, unless you need to use these media tools to conduct research, ditch them! Seriously, how many times do you need to check your Facebook or Twitter updates in an hour? Social media is so easy to get wrapped up in. We're not saying you have to do anything crazy like switch your phone off, just only use these devices when they pertain to the project. You'll be surprised at how much more quickly you start to get things done.

Comfortable Seating The best seating for productive postgraduate study should have a good back support. Simple is the way to go. Forget those fancy chairs that roll and rotate, or ones that are so comfy you'll be asleep in seconds! Make sure you can put your feet flat on the ground and sit up straight.

Check the Lighting Harsh light is unpleasant and can cause headaches, but soft light will leave you straining and more likely wanting to nod off. Try to find a happy medium between the two to create an atmosphere that is comfortable for you. Indirect lighting placed over the work area usually works best.

Temperature If you can't control the temperature of the room that you are in, try to find somewhere that maintains a fairly consistent temperature. Too warm and you'll end up feeling lethargic, too cold and you'll be distracted. Adjust your personal temperature by sitting closer to an open window or putting on a jumper.

Keep Supplies Handy Before sitting down to embark on your postgraduate study, consider the resources you might need. Pencils, pens, rulers, rubbers, paper, texts, whatever! Keep all necessary supplies at hand and you won't have to endure constant interruptions.

Have you got any tips to add on how to create a perfect postgraduate study environment?

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