Earn Money From Student Exams (Sort Of)

Did you know that you can earn money from invigilating and mark-checking undergraduate exams?

Are you a quiet unobtrusive type that owns a squeak-free pair of shoes - a silent pair of 'sneakers' or trainers, or any shoes that can tread softly around an examination room in a quiet, unassuming manner? The thump of hob nail boots or the click clacking of heels would not be helpful to a stressed student - nor would the clanking of bracelets of costume jewellery, come to that! You'll have been there , struggling from time to time to concentrate in some examination, and should know that the slightest sound like a pin dropping can wipe that vital piece of knowledge from your mind.

Can you sit calmly at the head of an exam hall and remain watchful? In the case of a large exam you will more than likely be sharing duties with other invigilators. Can you resist temptations to chatter? Will you manage to keep the students under scrutiny by watching them inconspicuously and discreetly, and notice if a student is doing something untoward or underhand, like cheating?

Observational skills are an asset in this work, a keen eye and awareness are needed, and an understanding of what is required of the students. Tactful assistance may be called upon, to cope with the possible situations that may arise during the exam, such as dealing with any student who may become over stressed, or panic stricken at this testing time.

So, we now know that if you possess a quiet pair of footwear, and can stay awake and alert, are reliable, and possess a reassuring nature, you are qualified to make a good invigilator. So what are the next steps you can take? (No need to slip on quiet shoes while you browse the Internet!)

Check out the individual Universities, Colleges and Adult Education Authorities in your area, and visit their websites where they will advertise vacancies and indicate where you can apply. Apply prior to the most busy examination dates of the calendar which are generally during January, May and June. You may approach local Borough Councils for any schools that you also might consider. Use the key words 'Exam Invigilators' on Google and it should come up with most educational establishments and show you the current up to date postings of positions available. In some schools a CRB check will be required and previous experience is often not required as training will be given.

Some duties assigned to the invigilator are to ensure that all is in order and correct before the exam commences, and oversee the distribution and collection of papers before and at the end of the exam. They will be responsible for directing students to their seats and for making sure they know where to place their bags etc.

Earnings will sort of be between £7 and £10 but some universities might pay more - so go on and start earning from other students misfortunes!

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