5 reasons to study postgraduate law

Choosing to take the time to study postgraduate law is a big decision – particularly if you have to take time away from paid work – but it can be well worth it in the end. 

In this blog we’re going to take a look at five reasons to study postgraduate law.

Career advancement

Studying the law as a graduate can help your career move forwards or change direction entirely. Building on your existing knowledge is the best way to move forwards, but if you want a change of scene, studying the law as a graduate will improving your legal knowledge and communication skills. A postgraduate law degree will show your commitment to the law, particularly if you have taken time away from your career to study.

Grow your network

Part of being a student is meeting people and while you study a postgraduate law course you will make lots of new contacts. Through the course, your lecturers and your fellow students you will meet legal professionals and hopefully your colleagues of the future. Then, through your law school's legal societies and associations, you will meet more contacts to build your network. Research what the law societies and associations of your possible law school offer to ensure that they will be supportive of your legal interests.

Personal fulfilment

Undertaking postgraduate study is not all about your career, it's also about personal fulfilment. As a student, you can undertake all sorts of extracurricular activities while you are associated with a university or law school. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities and work experience chances that might not be associated with the law but will bring you a great deal of personal growth.

Plenty of study options

If you didn't study law as an undergraduate and now wish you did, then you can study a fast-track graduate law degree in a couple of years. These courses are only available for those students with an excellent undergraduate degree and then you can go on to qualify as a lawyer, solicitor or barrister depending on your local legal system. There are also LLM programs that allow those with a law degree and usually also already qualified as a lawyer to specialise in a particular area of the law. In some countries, such as the US, there are LLM programs that are aimed at foreign-trained lawyers to qualify to practise in that country or to understand the legal system.

Increased salary

Here's a big reason why lots of people undertake postgraduate study, it can increase your salary potential. However, there is no guarantee that your salary will increase after you graduate, but in many countries, those with postgraduate qualifications make more money than those who do not possess these skills. In the law, it does depend on the area of the law that you have focussed on as some legal careers pay more than others such as those who specialise in Corporate Law or Financial Law can expect higher wages than some other areas. Even with the higher tuition fees for postgraduate law courses, it's worth the investment.

This table shoes average salaries of lawyers in the UK in relation to the number of years spent working as a lawyer.


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