5 Good Reasons to Start Your Postgrad Program in January

For a long time, there has been a universally accepted rule that all university students should begin their postgrad studies in September. Therefore, the last part of the year is always a hectic time for new students as they struggle to adjust to a new life while the rest of the world is ahead of them by more than nine months. Thankfully, a large number of universities have realised that whoever came with the rule was wrong on many counts and they are now encouraging new students to join their institutions in January. Some of them are even offering students taking up postgrad programs an opportunity to save up to £1,000 on their tuition fees by choosing the early year intake!

Here are our top 5 reason why it's a good idea to start your postgrad program in January.

1. Suitable for International Students

If you are an international student seeking a visa in September, you better brace yourself for a harrowing experience. You’ll be competing with the rest of the world for a service that can be obtained a lot more easily in other times of the year. The only way to go through it and emerge unscathed is keeping away from it during the busy period. In addition, students from the Southern Hemisphere have the rare opportunity to follow a familiar learning pattern that they have been used to, with a January – December routine.

2. Better Job Hunting Opportunities

When you enroll for a postgrad program in January, you’ll remain ahead of the pack in many ways including landing a job. The trick here is picking the time when there is less competition for the available opportunities. Since most students will finish their courses in June-September, they’ll be released into the job market at the same time. You’d be better off not being a part of the large number of newly qualified students fighting for a less number of job opportunities.

3. Made for Mature Students

If you are a mature student interested in furthering your education, it may not be easy to get the time off just when the end year is a few months away. On the other hand, it is easier to take a year off the job before the year begins. Among other advantages, you’ll be able to lay down your plans for the time you’ll be spending in learning while avoiding unnecessary interruptions of both your learning program and work schedules.

4. Less Stress and More Time for Application

The last year of undergraduate courses is usually busy and stressful. Most students interested in pursuing their masters apply at this time. There is, however, no point in all the hurry since application deadlines are long. By applying later, you’ll have enough time not only to concentrate in your research proposals but also to revisit your application, thus increasing your chances of getting accepted.

5. New Year, New You

Be fair to yourself. After years of study, you’ll need a break. Jumping from one course to another may not do you so much good. You’ll need to take a few months off to engage in some other less hectic activities and get rid of any fatigue accumulated during the years of study before you go on to the next level of education. Remember, a new year means new beginnings and new possibilities. There is a general freshness associated with the beginning of a new year. It is the time when most people discard the burdens of the last year for a fresh new start. You should take advantage of the ‘new’ feeling to chart a path in pursuit of higher education.

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light chidi Nov. 15, 2016, 5:44 p.m.

I really want to know whether someone with microbiology in polytechnic can do a postgraduate degree in medical laboratory science in oxford university or any university in Canada and USA

Charlotte King Nov. 28, 2016, 11:42 a.m.

If you contact the admissions department of the university that you are interested in directly they should be able to advise you on whether you have the necessary entry qualifications.
Good luck!

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