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UK University Summer Schools

UK university summer schools have become ever more popular in recent years and it’s easy to see why. The advantages of going to a UK summer school are many. It not only gives international students, in particular, an opportunity to experience what it’s like to study at a British university, but it also gives them the chance to experience life in the UK for a short period of time. The different universities, their unique locations and the various courses they offer, add up to a wide and exciting choice of educational and recreational opportunities being available to every student who chooses to study in the UK.


You’ll find there are courses available at universities throughout the country, from London to Scotland and everywhere else in between, including private institutions. The wide choice highlights one aspect of what's so great about studying at any of the British university summer schools, this being the regional differences of each establishment. Depending on your interests and study needs – each summer school and city will offer you a completely different experience, giving you added enjoyment to your studies as well as to your well-earned recreational time. Studying in the UK during the summer also allows you the chance to enhance your present studies and better prepare for future postgraduate studies.

Summer school students

Improving your English

Many UK universities offer courses specifically aimed at overseas students wanting to improve their English. One example is Durham University which offers a course entitled English Language for Academic Purposes. This module, as its name suggests, is given for students who are planning to study in the UK at a later date and want to make sure their English is up to the required standard. It's typical of many courses provided at other universities and in addition, by learning English at a university, you’ll be immersing yourself in the everyday words and phrases used at any British place of learning.

Experience UK university life

Improving your English is certainly one of the main benefits of studying in the UK but it’s far from the only benefit. In many instances, UK summer schools also give you the chance to experience life at a world-class university such as going to Imperial College London or King’s College London – as well as the fantastic experience of student life in London. These are places of education which have a renowned reputation worldwide and the standard of learning they offer reflects this.

King’s College London, for example, offers one week modules under its King’s Executive Summer School facility. Modules include Education Management & Leadership, Public Management as well as Strategy & Leadership. Imperial College London, meanwhile, offers intensive courses focusing on finance, business and marketing with classes taught by top industry experts and guest speakers.

Enjoy a world-class education and boost your CV

Summer school Enrolling in these courses gives you an opportunity to experience some of the highest standards of education the UK has to offer. This, in turn, shows another major advantage of attending a UK university summer school and that is, quite simply, it looks great on your CV. It shows a natural willingness to take that extra step in order to gain further qualifications, as well as proving you have that additional experience and knowledge which can make all the difference when applying to a university or for employment. Universities also offer credits associated with various modules and courses at their summer schools which can be put towards future studies. This can be a definite advantage when moving onto postgraduate studies.

Study specialist courses

Some universities will also offer specialist courses towards studying at their own university. One example of this is at the University of Kent , where although based in three different centres across the county in south-east England, they also offer a three day study program at their campus in Paris which introduces students to some aspects of postgraduate study at Kent Law School.

Explore other UK universities

Of course, going to one university in the UK also gives you the chance to visit other universities in the surrounding area and further afield. The vast majority of courses, which can last three to four weeks, place a great importance on giving a balance between time spent in the classroom and time spent out of the classroom. So, if you’re taking one of the modules offered by Stirling University in Scotland, you can expect to go on excursions to other Scottish cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.

Develop socially

As well as all the obvious academic advantages to studying a UK summer school program, there are also social advantages. You will meet new people – often from around the world – who have similar interests to yourself. It can give you a chance to improve your social skills whilst at the same time enjoy studying at a top university, and learning about the UK!

An example of this is Leeds International Summer School, here you will not only find out about British culture through the modules it offers, such as British Literature and the Brontë sisters, but there will also be a number of recreational activities taking place with even gym membership included in the price of the course!

UK summer schools = great study option

What you’ll discover about all these British university summer courses is that they all have their own particular regional and academic attractions and benefits. You may also find, like many others, that studying at an international university summer school in the UK really is a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand just what studying at a British university is like as well as enhancing your English and giving you a chance to enjoy the many cultural delights the UK has to offer.