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University of Derby Online Learning

Online International Students Offering a wide range of online, distance learning postgraduate courses in disciplines such as Finance, Psychology, Engineering and Law, the University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) has been providing specialised programs of study to students around the world for over ten years. Their courses are designed specifically for online learning and developed by a team of highly qualified academics who are experts in their fields. To help UDOL students achieve their full potential, they are fully supported by Online Learner Advisors throughout their studies who provide non-academic assistance and personal support.

To ensure you’ll have a valuable and enriching learning experience, UDOL make use of specially designed interactive learning materials providing you with the opportunity to engage with tutors and collaborate with fellow students through online discussion boards, café forums, blogs, Skype sessions and webinars.

The University of Derby Online Learning provides all their students with online access to additional course materials and an extensive e-library of books and journals. These can be used online, or downloaded in advance, on any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

Unlike many institutions, UDOL’s flexibility extends further than simply studying online, at your own pace from anywhere in the world as students are offered the choice to begin their courses in either September, February or May.

If you’re unsure about how online learning would work for you, the University of Derby Online Learning also offer free courses in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Short taster sessions of their full courses are also available to access on their website which allow you to experience online learning and sample some of the modules on a specific course.

Student Case Study

UDOL Student Case Study Annette Forster Matherly, University of Huddersfield graduate, began studying for her MSc Integrative Health and Social Care in February 2015. Annette is studying through UDOL whilst employed as Community Outreach Education and Disaster Coordinator at the University of Utah Healthcare Burn Center in the USA.

Why decide to study online?

“I work full time so it was a no brainer to study online. I have been amazed at the freedom studying online brings. Not only the freedom to pick up and study wherever, whenever, but also the freedom to step up and take responsibility as an adult for self-learning. I have always been interested in the collaboration and partnership of multiple agencies in order to promote and enhance patient care. This course allows me the freedom to explore other disciplines such as law, ethics and public health in addition to selecting a negotiated module of choice. This 35,000-foot view of healthcare will help me to better understand other organizations, and utilize their expertise.”

Why choose University of Derby Online Learning?

“I love that UDOL has such diversity, I can be online with students from all over the world and their cultures and individual experiences enhance my view of the world. I am often humbled by their stories.  I also really like the way the modules flow and allow me to blend theory with my own practice context.”

What have you liked about studying online?

“Initially I was worried, because I love classroom style teaching and the interaction and discussion that promotes. Surprisingly, I have learned more than I ever thought possible, and have really enjoyed the ride so far. The tutors managed our online discussion forums well and picked up on each student’s level of understanding and experience. Their feedback to individual students and to the group as a whole was very helpful. I also really appreciate the library staff, academic lead and the online admissions advisors who all go above and beyond to ensure you have the tools, information and resources you need in order to be successful.”

What impact is your course having on your career?

“To be honest I am not sure how I ever was successful in projects prior to this course. It has provided me with critical evaluation tools that had been previously lacking and a new love for research and evidence-based practice. So far I have been able to incorporate the design of two multistate, multi-agency work projects into my schoolwork, and the difference in proficiency level as a result is evident. I have a new confidence in my ability to perform because of the theoretical knowledge gained, and can converse more intelligently with team members about research methods and study design. It is incredibly motivating to present a challenging proposal to a room of physicians and peers without having any problems identified and to then be given the go ahead!”

Would you recommend studying with UDOL to others?

“Just do it! Maybe I sound like a Nike commercial, but in all seriousness you will grow professionally and personally. It is worth the time, effort and money, however, you have to be self-motivated and willing to embrace new challenges. I am grateful for the flexibility offered by UDOL to be able to continue my education and progress professionally. Thank you.”

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