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Masters Funding: How Can I Afford a Masters Degree?

With the going rate for a masters degree and living expenses often as high as £25,000 it's no surprise that students find themselves searching for new and creative ways of funding a masters.

Have a look at some of the ideas we came up with - or for a more practical solution, check out our study bursaries!


Postgrad Masters Funding Infographic


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The fine print: The following "facts" were created to help estimate alternative ways to affording a masters degree. We do not proclaim this infographic to provide scientific data nor hold statistical significance. The estimates were made assuming international student fees at a major London university and a £1,000/month cost of living. We do not advise donating large amounts of blood, selling organs, or using your body as a human billboard. The estimates calculated assumed minimum wage earnings and a Starbucks case study . All other "facts" were taken from the following sources: Wikipedia, iTunes, Ezine, Metal Prices, Ask Men, Biz Covering, Chief Engineer, WESH, Most Expensive, and iPhoneHelp. Although we are greatful for the information, Postgrad Solutions accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this data... it's just for fun! However, our bursaries are very serious and we suggest you take a look and apply for one.