Looking beyond UK postgraduate rankings

Some national governments insist that they will only give their own scholarships and support to students who go to study in a department rated above a certain grade in the UK RAE . Clearly, this could mean that you may have no choice. But if you do have a choice, be prepared to consider other universities.

That is because considerations about what is right for you are as important. Your decision about which postgraduate programme to study and which institution to do it at is an important one, and you will want to get it right, given the commitment of both time and money that postgraduate study will represent. The sources of information about rankings and other assessments of quality in this section can only give you part of the picture, and what is right for another person might not be right for you.

The main consideration must be what you want to achieve by undertaking study at this level. You must be clear in your own mind what your future plans are and this should drive the whole selection and application process. This section and the rest of Postgrad.com are tools to help you do this, but are nothing more.

For detailed information and advice to help you choose the UK postgraduate programme that's right for you, visit the choosing and applying for a programme section .





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