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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

CILT transport CILT is the professional body for everyone in the logistics, passenger-transport, transport-planning and related industries, and is dedicated to supporting, developing and representing all specialisms at all stages of career development. Membership of CILT, which is represented in more than 30 countries across the world, gives members the tools they need to realise their ambitions and to progress throughout their career, by keeping them informed of the latest news and information, as well as by providing comprehensive opportunities for continuous professional development.

About CILT

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT(UK)) is the pre-eminent independent professional body for individuals associated with logistics, supply chains and all transport throughout their careers.

CILT(UK)’s 20,000 members enjoy the following benefits:

Professional development and qualifications

Professional qualifications from introductory levels through to MSc; continuing professional development to record members’ personal career development; mentoring from experienced professionals in members’ area of operation; and training courses, including the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). CILT(UK) offers the following qualifications and programs :
Level 2 Introductory Certificate
Level 3 Certificate
Level 5 Professional Diploma
Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport
MSc in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MSc in International Transport and Logistics .

Faculties and forums

Information, events and networking tailored to members’ specific areas of interest. CILT(UK)’s four faculties cover transport, resources, supply chain and technology, and between them cover 26 specialist forums, including customs, manufacturing, warehousing, RFID, aviation, outsourcing and freight, to name but a few.

Events and awards

National events and lectures, such as: the Institute’s Annual Convention and Exhibition; the Sir Robert Reid Rail Lecture and Annual Awards for Excellence; faculty and forum events in specific areas of interest; and regional events held in members’ local areas. The Institute holds around 300 events each and every year, and these provide opportunities for learning, personal development and networking.

The Knowledge Centre

This is Europe’s largest logistics and transport library, accessible in person or online – including The Knowledge Bank, with remote access to full-text articles from more than 4,000 trade journals, 600 abstracted journals, over 1,100 country economic reports, 10,000 company profiles and 1,600 reports from Datamonitor.

Logistics & Transport Focus

A 12-times-yearly magazine that includes: articles, case studies and information covering all aspects of the supply chain; news from the logistics and transport sectors; institute news; industry jobs and much more.

CILT objectives

As the focus for professional excellence and the development of the most modern techniques in logistics and transport, the Institute aims to encourage the adoption of policies that are both efficient and sustainable.

CILT(UK) aims to:
• facilitate the development of personal and professional excellence
• encourage the development of leading-edge thinking and best practice in logistics, supply-chains and all transport
• provide relevant and valued services to members and employers.

The Institute aims to provide:
• professional integrity and excellence
• quality support and service for members
• relevance and value for money
• breadth and quality of membership.

CILT history

The former Institute of Logistics and Transport was formed in June 1999, following the integration of the Institute of Logistics and the Chartered Institute of Transport in the UK. In April 2004, the Institute’s membership voted in favour of ILT adopting the word ‘Chartered’ into its title. In May 2004, the Institute officially became CILT(UK).

CILT International – formerly the Chartered Institute of Transport – was formed in 1919 and was granted its Royal Charter in 1926. Growth of its overseas sections led to a restructuring in 1994, under which ten National Councils were established in various parts of the world. The Institute operates as a co-ordinating body and custodian of the Royal Charter.

CILT(UK) was formed as the UK National Council and is the largest National Council, with over half the total worldwide membership of CILT. In 1999, the former Institute of Logistics and Transport took over from CIT UK as the UK National Council.

All National Councils are effectively ‘chartered’ through their membership of CILT and are represented on its Governing Council. CILT continues to hold the Royal Charter under the authority of the (UK) Privy Council. Subject to certain qualifications individual members of any National Council hold chartered status under the authority of this Royal Charter.

CILT structure

CILT(UK) is organised into a series of committees and sub-committees that report to the Institute’s Council and Board.

These individual groups of members and experts in their fields meet regularly to discuss and influence the directions of the Institute. They cover a wide range of topics, including: strategic and professional development; standards; research and policies; finance; publications; marketing and PR; faculties and regions; and events.

Institute members are encouraged to join committees relevant to their areas of interest to ensure a good cross-section of expertise and opinion. The Institute’s membership is structured by areas of interest and geographical location.

The Institute makes an active and influential contribution to UK Government policy by publishing reports, papers and submissions, recommending practical solutions to short-term problems and longer-term opportunities. The objective is to promote excellence in logistics and transport.

Members of the Institute are encouraged to comment on logistics and transport issues and can do so through the Public Policies Committee.

A global network

CILT International now has a presence in more than 30 countries across the world. This network of members and contacts helps to connect CILT(UK) members with worldwide expertise.

Contact CILT

For general enquires, contact Membership Services (telephone +44 (0)1536 740104, e-mail ) or visit CILT(UK)’s website for more information.