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Pooja Thaker, Master in European Business (MEB), ESCP Europe Business School

ESCP Europe Business School “I am delighted to receive the bursary from Postgrad Solutions, Postgrad very well understands the students and provides the most vital element of bursary. It is the best method to encourage and motivate the young dedicated individuals to fulfil their goals leading to prosperity and success of individuals.”

Pooja Thacker is from India and has now started the Master in European Business (MEB) at ESCP Europe in London and Paris – and the £500 study bursary from Postgrad Solutions has been extremely helpful in helping her realise this plan.

Following the successful completion of her bachelor’s degree in 2010, Pooja decided to start work in order to get management experience. She spent nearly two years working in India’s fastest growing IT company Cognizant Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd as a Programmer Analyst in the field of Data Warehousing.

The managerial experience that she got during this time inspired her to apply to do a master’s degree in business. And once she had made this decision, ESCP Europe was her chosen institution to study at.

Pooja Thacker ESCP Europe Pooja explains, “ESCP Europe was one of my top-choices to pursue Master Degree in Business domain. Its course structure was the most attractive as it offered an opportunity to study European Business being in two important European cities. I could have even chosen to go further afield and study in Asia, Latin America or Russia.”

Having started the course at the London campus in September 2012, Pooja is finding the course is more than living up to her expectations.

“I have been enjoying my learning experience at ESCP Europe with the seminars of expert speakers and practical company project activities. The international exposure from the course brings encouragement, knowledge-sharing platform, healthy team-spirit and strong adaptation skills.”

Once she has completed her master’s program Pooja has big ambitions – which given the determination and drive she has demonstrated in her academic and working career to date, we have no doubt she will fulfil.

“Going ahead, I envisage putting my best efforts in working for managerial profiles or hopefully be an entrepreneur myself in near future, thus, to incorporate all my knowledge in the real business scenarios.”

Good luck Pooja!


Postgrad Solutions European Business Masters Study Bursary Winner

Isabella Tripon, MSc International Accounting and Finance, London South Bank University

Isabella Tripon, 25, has just started an MSc in International Accounting and Finance at  London South Bank University . She was delighted to be awarded at Postgrad Solutions European Business Masters Study Bursary, saying, "I was so happy when I heard about this that I couldn’t believe it. It is such a good feeling to win something and something that important like this bursary."

She continues, "Life as a student is very hard, because you can’t work full time, and even if you have a part-time job it’s too exhausting since the studying is very important and your main goal. Life in London is very expensive too, so this bursary has made a big difference for me."

Isabella found out about the bursaries from the website, and says, " is a very well structured website that provides you with all the information that you need when you are looking for a bursary."

Isabella chose to come from Romania to study in the UK because she had always wanted to study in a different country, and she always liked the UK. She opted for London South Bank University because of its great reputation, plus it offered the MSc course that she wanted to study. She is really enjoying her postgraduate programme so far and say, "I enjoy International Financial and Reporting Analysis very much, as well as Corporate Financing and Investment because it gives you an idea of how the real business works in developed countries." 

Once Isabella has completed her MSc programme she wants to do a PhD in Auditing.

Postgrad Solutions European Business Masters Study Bursary Winner

Philip Osborne, MBA, Manchester Metropolitan University

25-year-old Philip Osborne has just started an MBA program at Manchester Metropolitan University, and he was really pleased to find out he has won a Postgrad Solutions European Business Masters Study Bursary. He says,  “I was ecstatic and relieved to hear I had won because I was very worried about not having the money to pay my tuition.”

He continues,  “The bursary has made a huge difference as it has contributed towards my tuition fees, meaning that I can concentrate on my studies. The MBA is very demanding so it is very important that I concentrate on my studies rather than thinking how I am going to pay my fees.”

Philip found out about the bursary via the website and comments, “ offers a vast amount of information in one place; I found it very useful to read up about different universities and courses that I hadn’t thought about. The regular email I receive about the different masters programmes is full of very relevant information to selecting a course.”

Philip chose to study at Manchester Metropolitan University because it offers a well-established MBA course with the highest standards and accreditation, as well as great links to the business world. He says of his postgraduate experience so far,  “Although I have only been on the course a short time I have already sat through guest lectures and workshops from people from businesses in the area. The course concentrates on preparing its students for the real world of business.” This is ideal for Philip as his main reason for doing an MBA is to progress his career.

When he first started the MBA programme, Philip got the chance to meet his lecturers and fellow students via an introduction session and lunch - this was a great way to get to know all the people he would be spending the year ahead with. So far he is really enjoying the course, “I have enjoyed the way that the lectures engage the class in discussion, coming from an engineering degree it was not something that I was used to. The lecturers on the MBA teach in such a way that it is fun, and interesting, there is an actual want to learn more after leaving the class!”

And his final thoughts on the programme so far, “The Manchester Metropolitan MBA is a truly diverse course; the highlight so far is meeting people from all around the world and different industries.” 

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