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Posted March 26, 2013

How to Create Good Postgraduate Study Habits

One of the biggest problems that postgraduates encounter during their studies is creating good work habits. It is all too easy to start out with good intentions, but one thing leads to another, and before you know it the day has gone and work has once again ended up taking a back seat to everything else.

If you are looking for some inspiration on how to create good study habits, follow these steps...

Make an Action Plan Good habits don’t just happen, you have to plan them! The first thing you should do is start keeping a list of all of the tasks that need to be completed, and then prioritize these tasks depending on importance and time constraints. Many top business people swear by list making and action planning, citing the important role that organisation, structure and planning has ultimately played in their success. This concept also applies to your postgraduate studies. Try to get into the habit of making an actionable list before you go to bed each night highlighting the priorities for the following day. Apart from the new found clarity and focus, you'll also get loads more done!

Anticipate Obstacles It is always a good idea to look ahead to future events or deadlines and anticipate any challenges that you may encounter along the way. By doing this you will be better equipped to deal with the situation when it arises. For instance, if you are aware of social events that are likely to be occurring in between now and the time your work is due, it would be wise to anticipate the fact that you are likely to miss out on a few days study time. By looking ahead for potential challenges you can address them before they cause any issues.

The 30 Day Challenge Experts suggest that it takes around 30 days to learn new habits. This means that if you want to create good working practices or daily routines, you have to stick with it for at least a month. After this time the body begins to adjust better to the changes, and settles down into a pattern. The more you practice something the shorter this period becomes. Whether you plan to get up early and go for a run every morning, or simply commit to working for 3 hours every evening, sticking at it for at least 30 days is crucial.

Start Simple If you want to create better postgraduate study habits you have to start simple and work your way up, as and when you feel capable. If you take on more than you can handle from day one, your chances of failure are much higher. Say you wanted to make a habit of working for 3 hours a night, begin with just one, and build on that as you progress. Your success rate will be much higher and you will be able to more accurately assess what does and doesn't work for you.

Get a Buddy Involved If you are struggling to create good habits and you feel like you need a boost of motivation, sometimes extrinsic motivation in the form of a friend giving you support and encouragement can be enough to make the difference. If you have a housemate, why not encourage each other to create the good study habits you strive for? It will definitely make the challenge more exciting and enjoyable.

What good postgraduate study habits would you like to create?

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