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Posted Dec. 30, 2013

The 5 Best Things About Doing a PhD

Someone who is doing a PhD is often imagined to be sitting in a corner at a library, wearing thick-framed glasses across the nose, and staring into a fat book. However, there is a lot that comes in the way of a PhD student, in the disguise of the perks that are attached to the course of study.

No Time Restrictions One of the amazing perks of being a PhD student is that there is no “work from 9 to 6” pattern. They have the liberty to really sit to work at 11 in the night after several cups of coffee and if sleep still feels dear, sleep by 2 a.m. Oh! A long weekend comes easy for a PhD student. When the rest of the world is fearful about pursuing to ask for a Friday off, PhD students are already backpacking for their next trek on the tallest mountain in the world.

Possibility of Working Anywhere Talk about working at the office and these students would love to cite all the diverse places they can work from, without exposing themselves to the employees’ banter or the boss’ threats. Home, café, beach, coffee shop and pretty much anywhere, but an office, is the ideal workplace for these postgraduates.

An Amazing Friend Circle As a student pursuing a PhD, there is a lot of time to find the motivation that is needed, unless only a few days are left for the term to end and for something concrete to be submitted. As far as making friends in the university is concerned, because all the students will be following the same subject, there will be a single defining source of conversation, as well as frustration. And, it’s a universal truth that mutual understanding based on the latter brings together more people, when compared with companionship built on foundation of only the former.

An Extended Campus Environment Most people love to go back and live in a campus environment post graduation, but a PhD student gets to extend that good feeling for a few more years. With a young population sprawling all around, there is no way that an elderly will barge in a loud, late night house party disturbing some fun “PhD time.” And, if at all someone does interrupt, there is always the excuse of some refreshment after a 19-hour busy work. With the library and gym just a few steps away, all you need money for is gorging on some amazing, exotic food. Talk about non-cash perks of being a PhD student for over 4+ years, eh?

"Dr" Salutation The best of everything that defines the life of someone doing a PhD is being delivered the salutation “Dr” instead of “Mr” or “Ms” upon graduating. Now, is that not a fabulous feeling!
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