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May 20, 2021

University of Kent study reveals benefits of gaming for children

University of KentA lecturer from the University of Kent has been involved in a recent study revealing the benefits of gaming for children.

Film and Media Studies lecturer, Dr Dieter Declercq, has appeared in several intervies and news programs  over the last month to discuss the findings of the research.

Speaking on BBC Radio Kent, Dr Declercq explained how the gaming industry is a growing economy, and outlines the benefits for children, saying, “There is some research about how playing games can improve certain kinds of skills like decision making, improved perceptual skills and multi-tasking”

The research – commissioned by gaming accessories firm HyperX ­– found that 55% of secondary school pupils believe that gaming could lead to a future career. The study also showed that only 25% of parents think gaming should be part of the curriculum, however parents did recognise that gaming does have some benefits. Dr Declercq says, “Indeed, our research shows that half of children consider e-sports a real sport and over 70% of parents think gaming is a way to improve skills like problem-solving, multi-tasking and decision making”

Comparing gaming with other curriculum subjects, Dr Declercq comments, “Children understand how vast and exciting the gaming industry is. Our children engage with drama and music at school, why not video gaming?”

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Content added on 20th May 2021. 

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