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Nov. 16, 2021

PG students encouraged to return to Edinburgh Napier with good funding options

Edinburgh Napier UniversityEdinburgh Napier University students are being encouraged to return to the university for their postgraduate studies with some great funding opportunities.

PhD student at Edinburgh Napier, Harry Docherty, recently graduated from his MA in Music and is now going on to study a PhD at the Scottish institution. Before undertaking his masters, he also studied his bachelors degree at Edinburgh Napier, too

He explains, “I went straight on to doing my masters because I wanted to keep up the momentum of studying and I was strongly encouraged to do so by the people around me and my lecturers.”

Harry continues, “I wanted to do a masters because I saw the academic route as the most suitable one for me. It doesn’t restrict me to only studying because I’m still pursuing other career paths as well, but I wanted to see the academic route all the way through – I’m now going on to study my PhD in music.”

Because he was a returning student for both of his postgraduate courses, Harry found applying for the courses relatively simple. He says, “The application process for me was quite straightforward. Because I was a returning student, it was already familiar to me. It was all very smooth.” And the other big bonus of staying on at his original undergraduate university was the financial incentive, as he explains, “Being a returning student, I was allowed a significant discount on my tuition fees, so that was really helpful with going into the masters. I felt like the university strongly encouraged us students to come back and continue our studies which was nice.”

As well as getting financial support from Edinburgh Napier, Harry was also able to access funding from the SAAS (Student Awards Agency Scotland) who were able to help cover five years of study – for Harry that was his four-year bachelors degree and his masters.

Speaking about his future aspirations Harry says, “Studying my masters has helped me on to doing my PhD which I’m starting soon. On top of that, there are other career paths that I’m pursuing at the same time; those include creating my own music and becoming a recording artist, doing composing work and lecturing and teaching.” He continues, I’m excited about my future career and all the opportunities that have opened up to me. Over the course of studying here, I’ve come to learn that you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one thing at a time and that it’s perfectly normal, natural, and encouraged to a do a little bit of everything.

Harry has a few words of wisdom for people considering postgraduate study. He says, “The advice I would give someone considering a masters is that it is a step above and isn’t always easy, it is very much focussed on self-directed learning which is different to an undergraduate degree. Rather than a student who’s being taught things by a teacher, it’s almost like you’re starting to figure it out for yourself, you’re seeing what interests you and you’re overall becoming more of an expert in the field that you’ve become so passionate about over the years.”

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Content added on 16th November 2021. 

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