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March 25, 2020

University of Kent is researching Covid-19 therapies

University of KentThe University of Kent is working with Imperial College London on a research project to develop a new therapy for Covid-19.

Together with Hong Kong University, Kent and Imperial College London are researching antibodies that target coronavirus with the aim of developing a new therapy for Covid-19. The National Institute for Biological Standards will also be working alongside the universities on this project.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation at Kent, Professor Philippe De Wilde, explains, “The University of Kent has very strong research groups in Pharmacy (Medway School of Pharmacy, joint with University of Greenwich) and Biosciences. These groups are focusing their efforts on helping the NHS and government agencies during the current crisis. The University of Kent has supported this research for years, and I am glad that we have the knowledge and the researchers available to contribute to the national effort.”

Antibodies are produced by the body’s immune system that recognise viruses like Covid-19 and bind to such structures as those on the surface of a virus, to block the virus entry and instruct the immune system to destroy it. This new research project will look to develop a potential antibody therapy, with the aim of progressing the therapy to be ready for clinical trials which will determine if the developed therapies can treat coronavirus infections including Covid-19.

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Content added on 25th March 2020. 

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