Feb. 5, 2018

Researchers at Swansea find wealth encourages short-term relationships

The latest research by psychologists at Swansea University has discovered that wealthier people tend to prefer short-term relationships.

A new study called ‘Mating strategy flexibility in the laboratory: Preferences for long- and short-term mating change in response to evolutionarily relevant variables’ explored relationship preferences of heterosexual male and female volunteers.

The volunteers had to look at pictures of potential partners, as well as images of luxury items related to wealth. Results showed that after viewing the wealth images, participants selected more partners for a short-term relationship compared to the original result.

Dr Andrew G Thomas from Swansea University led the research. He explains: “Not all people prefer long-term committed relationships. Evolutionary psychologists believe that whether someone prefers a short-term relationship over a long-term one depends partly on their circumstances, such as how difficult it might be to raise children as a single parent. What we have done with our research is demonstrate this change in behaviour, for the first time, within an experimental setting.” He continues, “We think this happened because humans have evolved the capacity to read the environment and adjust the types of relationships they prefer accordingly.”

The research was conducted in collaboration with Dr Steve Stewart-Williams from the University of Nottingham.

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Content added on 5th February 2018. 

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