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Feb. 9, 2020

RCA partners with the Design Museum to offer course in Design Thinking & Innovation

Royal College of ArtThe Royal College of Art (RCA) has partnered with the Design Museum to offer a short course in Design Thinking and Innovation in March 2020.

Professor Jeremy Myerson – the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design – is leading the Design Thinking & Innovation Executive Education Masterclass which is taking place across the RCA and the Design Museum from 19–20 March 2020.

Speaking about the importance of design thinking, Professor Myerson says, “There’s been growing momentum in recent years for non-designers to enter the design space – for entrepreneurs, scientists, civil servants and marketers, among many professionals, to adopt ‘design thinking’.”

He highlights the three main attributes of being a design thinker as:

1. The ability to look and learn – to be patient, observe and record without preconceptions. 


2. Not to be afraid to cross-pollinate: business managers are often specialist in a particular field – whereas designers and design thinkers tend to take a more generalist approach that means lessons in one sector can be applied to another. 


3. To be able to think visually, not in words: professionals often justify decisions by writing long reports, design thinkers use images.


Professor Myerson further elaborates, "I recently participated in a design thinking seminar at 10 Downing Street which advised senior civil servants to put more images and less words into briefings for Ministers, as these had more impact in terms of argument and evidence, and saved time. Designing is a professional craft that takes years of training and expertise to perfect. Design thinking is something different – it is, in my view, a useful bridge between designers and those who commission and use design. It provides a shared set of perspectives or values so that everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction when it comes to making the project a success. And as a people-centred innovation method, it makes sure that the needs of the end-user are considered in real depth.”

Design thinking differs from traditional management thinking because it is more democratic and participatory, being essentially a people-focused and user-centric approach to innovation. The RCA is renowned for design thinking and training designers who go on to lead global brands worldwide as senior managers, creative directors and CEOs, and this way of thinking is prevalent throughout the RCA’s postgraduate qualifications. 

Find out more and register your interest in the Design Thinking and Innovation course.

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Content added on 9th February 2020. 

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