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May 18, 2020

Mental health professionals offer help to PG students and NHS workers

MyndupIn these uncertain times, one in six people in the UK are experiencing a mental health issue each week. And with reported cases of clinical anxiety up 30% in eight weeks and experts anticipating further adverse global effects, the importance of mental health and keeping your mind healthy has never been more relevant, especially within the postgraduate community.

According to a study published in 2018 by Vitae and partners, called “Exploring wellbeing and mental health and associated support services for postgraduate researchers”, expectations of high achievement, heavy workloads, financial pressures, sexual harassment, harassment in general, career progression and even soured student/supervisor relationships (would you believe), are amongst some of the top culprits when it comes to poor mental health and wellbeing in the modern postgraduate community.

The research also highlighted fundamental differences in the educational experiences of postgraduate students compared to undergraduate students, as well as the cultural perception of mental health within immediate departments or academic groups serving as the perceived message of the institution at large, as opposed to their actual message that, in many cases, is often lost in translation.

MYNDUP helps to break down the barriers to mental health providing virtual one-to-one sessions with professionals ranging from therapists and counsellors to mindfulness practitioners. Furthermore, we understand the large strain on NHS staff during this difficult time, which is why we wanted to step in and help. We have launched a volunteering program where our practitioners are providing free sessions to frontline NHS staff during the current COVID situation.

How it works:

● STEP 1: Contact from your NHS email to get your unique code
● STEP 2: Visit
● STEP 3: Choose a mental health expert and use the code at checkout to reduce the cost to zero
● STEP 4: Begin your free session

For those of you who are not NHS, do not dismay! Use the discount code POSTGRAD10 for 10% off your first session!

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Content added on 18th May 2020. 

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