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Feb. 11, 2019

AISTS Client Team Project – Formula E visit to Marrakesh

AISTSLast month the Formula E Client Team Project from AISTS –Matthieu Charlot, Min Jung, Yukifumi Tanaka and David Saltiel – visited their client, the ABB FIA Formula E CHAMPIONSHIP, with Julia Pallé, Formula E Senior Sustainability Consultant and Peter Bench Formula E-Procurement Manager, at the Marrakesh E-Prix.

The AISTS annual Client Team Projects run from the middle of November until the end of June and are executed by groups of between three and five AISTS participants on a real sports management topic, for a real client from the sports industry. The goal of the AISTS Client Team Projects is to provide a high-quality project resource to sport organisations by proposing new ideas and feasible solutions that are relevant, in a practical context.

The Marrakesh race was the second round of the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E championship. The objective of the Formula E Client Team Project is to better understand the challenges that Formula E is facing regarding sustainability, as well as meeting and connecting with professionals. Their mission is to work on the supply chain to effectively meet Formula E’s common sustainability goals.

Formula E is the electric street racing series with sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA. It is the first ever motorsport championship to have achieved ISO 20121 third-party certification ensuring Formula E events are managed in a way that preserves the environment, promotes social inclusivity and economic prosperity.

Arriving the day before the race, the team had interviews with managers from the local agency – Marrakesh Grand Prix – and with the Formula E team that is based in London. They had interviews with managers responsible for logistic, branding, electric power generator, hospitality, catering and waste management. They also met employees from different areas as pit lane, catering, cleaning, information desk and partner’s stands.

The team wanted to identify key actions to be taken by Formula E to make sure its sustainable commitments are known, applied and championed by its supply chain. Going from the local to the global suppliers, the team now better understand the overall of Formula E’s structure, better understand the problematics of each, the behaves and concerns about sustainability, community engagement, economic impact, education and ecology.

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Content added on 11th February 2019. 

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